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Apr 24

6 Best-Kept Secrets to SaaS Success

6 best-kept secrets to SaaS success

So you have just closed the big deal. Congrats! Now the real hard work begins. Sale is just the beginning of a long-term relationship with your customer. This “After Sales” stage is the most crucial period especially for the SaaS based industry because this will decide the stickiness of customer with your SaaS product. Customers should see value in your product at every stage. It’s like making customers fall in love with your business. Company must evolve customer focused culture in their business. Even if customer lives outside their home markets, SaaS companies must go an extra mile in ...

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Feb 21

Die With MongoDB

mongo db

     "So which DBMS do you like Watson ? SQL or No SQL ?"      "I love MongoDB, Holmes."      "I guessed so !"      "How ?"      "You have suicidal tendencies."                - The Adventures of Blind Lover Every now and then we hear about how vulnerable MongoDB is, and how Moriarty's men are watching out and asking for ransom. Does that put you away from Mongo ? If yes, then you are missing something. I love Mongo. It is more like love at first sight. Installation to Hello World is a breeze. It ...

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Nov 03

Does your development team share owner’s dream ?

requirement analysis

You must have heard the story. Akbar's courtiers envied Birbal, the witty one. One day, some of them requested Akbar to test them against Birbal. Akbar agreed, and gave them an assignment. The user story was simple, a few days earlier, Akbar found a lone puppy in a jungle, which he handed over to a villager, and asked the villager to take care of the puppy. Akbar's assignment to the courtiers was to find out how the puppy is doing. The courtiers sat together, and did their requirement analysis. Knowing that the requirement is pretty straightforward, they immediately sent ...

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Oct 19

Outsourcing vs In-house dilemma: Is Software Outsourcing right for your business?

For small and midsize companies, outsourcing vs in-house development many a time becomes a million dollar question. There is a constant tussle in making a choice between these two options. We think of various general factors such as cost effectiveness, capability, timely delivery etc which often lead to a prejudice state and decisions are made on pre-conceived notions. However in order to take a rational decision, it requires an objective analysis which includes quantification of risks, cost, time and value generation. 6 questions to ask before outsourcing software development Before making this crucial decision it is important to answer the ...

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Sep 30

Integrating Axis IP cameras: The VAPIX way

A few years ago, we at TaraSpan developed our first ever IP camera integrations of some major brands for a Video surveillance solution. You may think that this is a complex task, and indeed it is for many brands. You need a SDK and knowledge of some programming language, and you need to read the documentation, and in most cases one still needs to use vendor provided sample code even before writing the first line of code. Axis cameras proved to be an exception. You don't need to be an expert developer to integrate Axis cameras. Calling an API ...

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Sep 21

A guide to log management : Best Practices for application logging

Got a bug on the production? How often you hear this from the developers ? 1. It works in my environment. I will add more logs to the application. 2. I see a log that there is an error, however it does not print the 'reason'. 3. The logs are not enough. I need to put more logs and deploy a 'debug' patch just to know what is going wrong. 4. It appears that api X is failing intermittently, but I need to look at those 100 MB logs to see if there is a pattern. This will take some ...

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Jul 16

How can we define L1 L2 L3 support for SaaS companies

Tiered support for SaaS growth

  In my previous blog Why Support is the new Sales for SaaS companies I stressed upon the importance of the post-sales support for SaaS companies. How support can ensure growth, retention and high MRR (monthly recurring revenue). How it can disrupt the growth plan and why it should be the topic of boardroom discussions.    Do you believe in this theory? If you do I'm sure you must have pondered over whether you've the right support architecture in place, is there a seamless handshake between different levels ( Level 1, Level 2, Level 3), are SLAs clearly defined ...

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May 13

Why Support is the new Sales for SaaS companies

In the SaaS era, the application seller-customer relationship is different. The engagement cycle is seeing a paradigm shift. While the sales cycle length has gone down, the post sign-up support has become important than ever. Why? In the SaaS world order, the BIG PO isn't received in one-go, but many small POs are received monthly, quarterly. How you entertain your customer post sign-up, how well you support him, handhold him at each step builds your top-line. Customers now pay as they use the software. They pay when they like not just the software, but also the services. They pay when ...

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Apr 14

Before your product goes global, your customer support should go global

Global customer support

  If you're a cloud or a mobile app firm, it's absolutely true for you. Why? It’s simple. Intentionally or unintentionally product companies are acquiring global customers much earlier in their life-cycle. The reason could be anything from virality, ease of online customer acquisition, almost no implementation or on-boarding processes. The bottom line here is it's a good time for SaaS companies. But let me tell you, it's a difficult time too. Especially when you reach the office in the morning and see your mailbox flooded with support tickets from your global customers. Since you're not in their time zone, ...

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Jan 29

Test Automation: A way to get Success

Many organizations say that Test Automation rarely lives up to the expectations. I meet people who claim that it is too expensive or it doesn’t work. My experience with it has been different. I want to share my experience with those who haven’t really discovered the way to get success with Test Automation projects. Be Realistic Set realistic goals for automation. Not everything should and can be automated, don’t make any false promises or set wrong expectations which leads to frustration. Measure Come up with the right ROI to measure success of automation. Identify Tool Perform application POC with different ...

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