Education institutions/schools are striving to build a 21st century IP communications that are flexible enough to accommodate growing demands such as enhanced school safety, improved parental involvement, more empowered staff, and better student outcomes. These advanced communications IP solutions for education let your school leverage their existing data infrastructure to drive network
costs down and cost-effectively deploy telephones in the classroom and mobile handsets for staff on the go. Moreover, it will also help in making the classroom learning more interactive and far more synchronous.

1. Enhance Administrative Office Efficiency:

Automation and management of incoming/outgoing/ interoffice calls and faxes enhances office productivity.  Unified messaging enable teachers to be more responsive in case of any issues. Multi-language Auto attendant improves administrative operational efficiencies and gives 24*7 accessibility. Moreover, non-English speakers can also get access to school information. With communication and collaboration solutions, holding meetings between schools becomes simplifies, saving time, travelling and expenditure.

Multi-Language Auto Attendant Rules Based Call Routing  Hot-Desking Unified-Messaging

2. School Safety is ensured!

With efficient and all advanced communication solutions, there will be a vast improvement in response times & instant dissemination of information to staff and parents in case of emergencies. With features like record-a -call, unified messaging, malicious call tag and text messaging, a safety environment is ensured. Emergency Meet-Me-Conference enables school safety officials to be automatically bridged into a conference call to obtain real-time information from school management during emergencies.

Paging Emergency Meet-Me-Conference Wireless Phones Auto-Attendant Emergency Override

school safety
parental involvement

3. Parental Involvement!

Parental Involvement is all the more necessary in building a brightening path for a child. There are many household people who are not much proficient in speaking English Language. Therefore, Multi-Language School Auto-Attendant helps in improving communication and enabling a much satisfactory parental involvement. With the help of video conferencing, parents can participate in PTA/PTO’s from any location and from their own devices, conveniently and cost effectively. Classroom Phones and Teacher Messaging Solutions include :

Calling Line ID Call Forwarding Do not Disturb Ringer On/OFF Advisory Message

4. Empowering Teachers, Principals and Students : 

These solutions are making a way to future-proof innovative classrooms. Not only will it help in increasing interaction among the students but video infusion would help in better understanding of concepts and theories. Distance learning, tutoring, mentoring become all the more impressive.
Teachers get access to innovative learning techniques and get to know about smarter ways of teaching. The solutions enable greater mobility, transparency and access to multi-media tools. Hot Desking facilitates teacher rotation between classrooms and also provides support for principals and vice-principals who work at multiple schools. Paging allows teachers to receive and respond to pages directly from the telephone.

Classroom phones Hot desking Paging Record a call Unified Messaging

parent teachers meetings

5. Students to take Virtual Tours Around the World! :

To help the students to become better world citizens, it is important to feed their curiosity of knowing about different countries, their cultures, their geographies and their people in a better way. Video Conferencing merges the classrooms of the world to accommodate everybody’s viewpoint and making the students far more interactive and expressive. In other words, one can say that bringing video conferencing into the classrooms would, without a shadow of doubt, help in building the overall personality of the students, making learning faster, teaching easier and collaboration better!

6. Experts Lectures are not much far away :

Yes! Textbooks help in providing a bucket full of information and teachers help in making the students understand the concepts in a coherent and broader way. But, sometimes, children are thirsty of more valuable knowledge. Thus, to quench that thirst, guest lectures from the experts through video conferencing would help in serving the purpose. These experts would take them beyond the insights of the book and of the teachers.

With video conferencing, the students become easily accessible to the experts’ advice, crossing the limitations of time and space and they themselves become a pool of knowledge and wisdom.

7. Rural Children can now dream of education :

It is a true, heartbreaking fact that the plight of schools in the rural areas is just miserable and so is the quality of education they offer to the children. Video Conferencing has come to the forefront to bridge the gap between rural and urban education. The teachers and the educators would now be able to bring the urban classrooms into the village and give these children an opportunity to explore their world and their own self. This would enable them to enjoy the extracurricular activities in the same way as the children in the urban schools do.

8. All lessons and meetings can be easily accessed :

It may happen that a student is not able to attend all the classes due to some or the other reasons. In that case, e learning and video conferencing come to your rescue. The recording and archiving tools can be used for playback to teach a lesson that has been missed out. This feature not only benefits the students but also the teaching staff as it becomes easy to hold the staff meetings through video conferencing.

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