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Travel industry is customer sensitive and customer-centric entirely. There should be all attempts made to give the customers a more personalized and exceptional experience that would surpass all their expectations. This is done to make sure that the customers come back to avail your services time and again and become your advocates. By being the advocates, they would spread the impressive word of mouth and give an exponential business growth. Today, travelling industry has become all the more innovative and unique with new web and mobile apps and increasing social networks. The customers find it easy to get to know more about the best deals and reviews and communications.The service providers need the ability to contact their customers anywhere throughout the journey. Therefore, a contact center software for travel and tourism is what is needed here.

omni channel customer service

1. Omni Channel Customer Service
If we are talking about travel industry, omni-channel is a priority to provide top-notch customer service. Omni channel provides a hassle-free and consistent experience to the customers with all channels being integrated.
For instance, a traveler, if would like to book a hotel room, can go through the website and can easily do that. If in case, some issue is encountered, he should continue using a phone call without having to repeat the process again. The service is in hands, without any delay. Therefore, omni channel helps in harmonious customer engagement and give them a satisfied experience.

2. Intelligent Call routing
This is another important feature that travel industry must heed to. The customer’s incoming calls must be directed to the appropriate agent and to appropriate language operators so that there is no problem encountered in handling the inquiries. The calls are intelligently routed to the best resource available. A person who wants to book his flight ticket would be automatically routed to the agent who knows about the best deals, discounts and flight comfort.

National/International Holidays Insurance booking Forex related queries

call routing
mobile guest engagement

3. Analysis through Contact Center Solution
Customer analysis is necessary to segment your valuable customers & to have better insights(i.e. what is working and what is not). It helps in building new marketing & operational strategies. Company can trigger customized campaigns according to their preferences and thus in return can create an exceptional and unique experience for existing and new customers.

Tailored offers Customized marketing campaigns Stay one step ahead of competition 

4. Mobile Guest Engagement
With the changing business and technological landscape, it is important for enterprises to adapt and engage with the transforming customer needs. Real-time responsive travel services and enterprise level mobility solutions leads to adequate tracking, reporting and routing of travel operations. These solutions help in :

Making booking process easy Increasing ROI Customer queries are resolved shortly Expanding your business presence Tell them easily about offers and discount coupons

social media

5. Social Media Queries
Social media platforms are powerful tools in garnishing or tarnishing the image of your business. The company should have control to monitor customer queries/concerns raised on social media and resolve them quickly.

Handling customer complaints Tracking reviews Customer feedback 

6. Proactive Customer Service
Customers are attracted, delighted and become loyal to your brand when they get special attention. For example, providing them personalized service, adopting greeting and goodbye methods through en email or mobile message. For travelling industry, these proactive approaches help in promoting products and services. Outbound communications across multiple channels which includes outbound IVR system, predictive dialing, text messaging, email and mobile webpages are all possible strategies to adopt.

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