Managing guest experience along with staying productive is the main key for hospitality industry to stay ahead of the game. Our technology enables minimum agent overhead while adapting to guest and staff requirements. Unique architecture of our platforms enable support of traditional and IP communications, fixed and wireless, thus protecting existing investment in traditional telephony. The Hospitality Applications Suite and guest management solutions for hospitality gives wide variety of features that include :

1. Voice platform : These scalable voice collaboration solutions help in enhancing the mode of communication. The staff can exchange information timely and efficiently, increasing the decision making ability. These are ‘all-in-one’ system that can be used either as a complete cobweb of communications/network or a single standalone feature. Moreover, it offers comprehensive telephony functionality, along with a varied range of applications.

Increased efficiency Simplified Processes Enhanced collaboration Integrated office applications Linking industry-specific solutions with telephony capability Reduced costs

2. Call Logging and PMS Integration : The hotels today need a platform which interconnects back and front office applications across all the multiple locations of a hotel. This platform enables integration of Property Management System, telephony, Voice Mail and high speed internet so that accurate billing is the result. Moreover, talking about ‘guest service packaging’, this platform delivers precise billing of the services (internet, telephony, in-room entertainment services) utilized by the guests.

Voice and Data Billing Voice System Integration PMS Integration Voicemail system Integration HSIA and IPTV Integration Room status VIP Registration Message Waiting

3. Guest HSIA Management and Personal Area Networks : What can be more wonderful than the availability of high speed internet for the guests in the hotel. They are provided enough bandwidth so that they could hold a conference or any other business meetings.
Along with providing high speed internet access, its authentication and accurate billing should be managed across the property. This can be offered in the form of an appliance or software or deployed within a virtualised environment. Hotels can also offer limited internet service along with upgraded options to the guests who may require them and are willing to pay for premium internet service as well.

Hotspot manager Portal Page Management Room/Port Management Billing Plan Management User Plan Management Revenue Reports Subscriber Activity Logging Passthrough and URL FilteringTraffic Shaping

4. Guest Mobile Apps : To enrich the guest experience even more, Guest mobile apps have come to deliver ‘in the moment’ service.  Moreover, the hotel operators can also promote revenue generating apps  to the guests through a mobile app but in a non-invasive manner.

A multi-lingual, interactive app helps in displaying restaurant menus, in-room systems control, booking spa treatments and all the other quality services to the guests in a structured manner. The guests would have an auto-attendant in their pockets with this app.

Guest BYOD Portal Page Management/span> Guest Content Delivery PMS Integrated Wakeup Set/Clear Interactive Room Services Guest Relatiions Promote your hotel brandBespoke DesignAvailable for iOS and Android

5. Guest and Maintenance Workflow Management : If we talk about enriching guest experience, streamlining services and optimizing hotel staff productivity are the two vital things to be kept in mind. The hotels need to have a platform that manages workflow maintenance duties.
For instance, if some service needs to be done, the staff can raise a ticket to the appropriate skill group through their mobile devices. Escalations are also managed if needed by the same platform.
However, a systematic workflow management would ensure the hotel managers that things are done in an orderly manner.

Workflow Management Request Tracking; Request Prioritization Skills Based Dispatching Work Ticket Dispatch Work Ticket Tracking Multilingual CustomizationMobile EnabledAvailable for iOS and Android

6. Guest Smartphone Integration : If the hotel’s telephone network is extended to the guest’s smartphone, it would surely going to give the guests an easy and reliable service.  In this way, hotel staff  and guests are connected across a hotel. Moreover, with the help of mobile app, the guests  can easily book hotel services with a single touch which helps in increasing revenue per occupied room.
Both the guests experience and staff mobility are given a boom if the smartphones and the tablets are an extension of hotel’s telephone network.

Guest BYOD 2 Way PMS Integration Voicemail Access Hotel Services Directory Simple Authentication Secure Access PBX Agnostic SIP Trunk ConnectedMultilingual

7. Multi-Lingual Voice Messaging and Wake-up Services : International hotel groups prefer to provide the hotel operators with a platform, fully integrated with hotel’s Property Management System that help guests in their daily messaging and wakeup requirements.

This platform offers guest and administration, voice messaging, mailboxes, guest group messaging, DID allocation, minibar billing, multiple languages and wake-up call management including room or maid status.

SIP Integration Analog and Digital Integration PMS Integration Mailbox open/close Wakeup Set/clear Multilingual Guest Group Messaging Multilevel Auto attendant

8. Guest Engagement Solutions : Suite of guest engagement solutions that are designed to win customer’s loyalty. It is entirely guest focused and help them to connect with you through text, web-app, mail or kiosk. With automated message routing, it is easier to handle their requests faster. Moreover, its mobile messaging solution delivers instant alerts to retain ‘at-risk’ guests.
The operators can also understand the performance of the hotel by analyzing the customers sentiments that will certainly improve the business.

Guest Focussed Automated Requests One to One Engagaement Easy Integration Real Time Insights Actionable Data

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