Outbound Contact Center

Continuous evolution in business requires a set of tools and solutions that helps in proactive customer engagement and enhance work efficiency. Outbound contact center solution is one such impressive tool that business teams are looking forward to for extensive outreach and to automatically connect agents with the customers. Businesses must look out for more revenue generating opportunities and outbound campaigns is one such way to unveil these opportunities. It enables successful interaction between the agents and the customers by delivering important information, thus adding up to agent’s productivity.

MiContact Center Outbound automates outbound dialing and ensures regulatory compliance. It comes with a set of campaign management tools that accelerates lead generation and generates revenue. Moreover, by empowering agents with tools, it ensures first call resolution, reducing call handling time and enhancing customer delivery services. Let us have a look at some of the important MiContact Center Outbound.


Ensures Business Process Compliance

The CRM supports call scripting and constantly guides agents throughout their interaction with the customers. They have tools to follow business processes and that ensures successful interaction. It increases first call resolution rates and reduces interaction handling time.

Automates Outbound Calling

With automated outbound dialing, it also offers support for multi-channel contact. Screen pop-up customer information and call scripting, make agents well informed and enable them to make personalized outbound contact with customers. This solution includes 4 main outbound models : Preview, Progressive, Power and Predictive.

Tools for First Call Resolution

This outbound dialer comes with a light-touch CRM which provides agents with a complete history of previous customer contacts and past transactions. The records are not just numbers but they are customers and hence it is successful to offer more personalized customer service.

Ensures Regulatory Compliance

This solution is fully compliant and self-pacing so that abandoned predictive calls are within the permitted levels automatically. If there is an abandoned call, the dialer gives a short recorded message. However, its feature and functionality ensure that outbound campaigns are compliant worldwide.

Managing Campaigns Smartly

Campaigns can involve inbound or outbound voice channels, web chat, email or simply workflows. MiContact Center Outbound Dialer is fully integrated with campaign capabilities to deliver out-of-the-box multimedia customer contact.

Measures and Manages your operations efficiently

This solution enables businesses to produce and analyse reports that keeps a check on business transactions and agents performance. With Campaign Manager tool, the users can automatically schedule and receive reports every time a call is handled or when key workflow events occur. The outbound dialer provides these generic contact center KPI reports: Campaign Metrics, Team and individual agent performance, dialer performance, List penetration, KPI analysis.

Modular Solution that accomplishes your business needs

MiContact Center Outbound Solution comes with modular licensing. Thus, it becomes easy for businesses to add on functionality to the existing operations, cost effectively, with evolving business needs over time.

User Friendly Virtual Campaign Management

The solution offers a comprehensive, visual and user friendly campaign management experience with a list of options : Visual data segmentation and list creation, list prioritization, visual and intuitive call recycling strategy builder, quota management, multimedia enabled, advanced CTI agent tools. This has been done to make complex problems easy to solve through visual interaction design.
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