When we come to discuss about defense or military operations or Govt. operations or Public sector undertakings, the advanced level of communications play an indispensable role. Therefore, integrating modern communications environment is all the more necessary for safeguarding the nation and strengthening its power. Shifting to an agile, more trusted and resilient communications network empowers this sector all the more.

1. Unified Communications laying a strong foundation for Smart Cities :
A smart city is a place where there is more network scalability, robust disaster recovery, increased network security and simplified administration for a better and productive citizen service delivery and an easy user experience. Unified Communications and Collaboration solutions have brought to the forefront modern switching and routing for a more reliable and resilient infrastructure.


2. Unified Integrating Distributed, Defense Workforce :
The Defence workforce is spread across the globe and there is a need to build a completely secure and virtual environment to transform entirely the ways of communications, collaborations and delivering important information among the defence professionals, allies and industry partners. Military civilians always spearhead towards a mission. Therefore, to keep the entire workforce connected, for the mission to get accomplished successfully, Unified communication and collaboration suite is utterly important.


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3. Modernized Healthcare Facilities for Military Personnel :
With telemedicine, the department can proactively outreach retired military personnels and the officers on duty and take care about their well-being conveniently. With improved collaboration solutions for defense healthcare, it would be easy to streamline prescription of medicines, admitting and other workflows so that the patient’s treatment is not put at stake.

4. Defense operations get optimal support :
With modernized help-desk and call center operations, it would be easy for the Ministry of Defense to automate routine operations and signal priority actions. Unified Communication solutions help in optimizing operational efficiency to ensure accurate and timely information of services issued in public safety, along with complete technological support.

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5. Modernized Military Operations :
Leveraging smart technology and advanced unified communications, DoD can create effective work-spaces for global defense workforce. HD video and Unified Collaboration solutions help in forging a strong base for a connected work-space and extend the boundaries of networked devices that comprises IoT and artificial intelligence.
Smart Technology and advanced defense workforce lays a foundation for next generation citizen services and smart cities. Moreover, integrated and interconnected networks simplify citizen service delivery and empower efficient working environments.

6. Making Govt Services More Consistent, Reliable & Connected :

The state and the local govt. have to be attentive to all sorts of emergency situations from traffic accidents to natural disasters or theft related situations. In case of any emergency situation or any community event in the city, there can be a sudden rise in the number of incoming calls. Unified Communications and Collaboration Solutions help in managing the call volume and ensure a safe and secure community.

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7. Modernized Data Centers and Virtualization of Connections :
The aim of govt is to offer effective citizen service delivery. Consolidating data centers helps in increasing network speed and capacity, optimizing performance and reliability. With full virtualization across data centers, all the applications can be available at every center, making it easy for performance analytics and enhanced cybersecurity.

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