Enterprise Networking Security

We are living in a super-connected and hyper digitized world where there is a dire need to protect the underlying networking infrastructure from unauthorized access, misuse, malfunction or improper disclosure. The Firewall with other advanced features acts as a unified cyber-security platform and enforces a consistent security posture across your networks. Its intelligent products, solutions, and services not only forge an effective business way to simple networking, but also deliver advanced and managed network security services.

Full Stateful Firewall : Firewall in virtual machine format, firewall protection for virtualized, private and hybrid environments, HA support for active/active and active/passive modes, multi-platform support; VMware, KVM and Contrail and integrated automated management functionality

Rich Routing & Network Capabilities : VPN connectivity and routing features in a flexible virtual machine format

Advanced Security Services : Integrated UTM including IPS, Full Anti-virus, Anti-spam, Web-filtering, Content filtering and AppSecure 2.0

Networking Security Solutions

Next Generation Firewall Services

- Application Control & Visibility
- Intrusion Prevention
- User-based Firewall

Unified Threat Management (Known Threats)

- Anti-virus
- Web/Content Filtering
- Anti-spam

Threat Intelligence Platform

- Botnets/C&C
- Custom Feeds, APT

Advanced Threat Prevention

- Sandboxing
- Evasive Malware
- Rich Reporting & Analytics

Management & Reporting Analytics

- Business Dashboards
- Visual Analytics
- Tools based on Business Intelligence (BI)


- Network Security Operations Automation
- Automated Deployments
- Network Automation Solution


- Encrypted NAT/VPN Support
- Secured VPN Gateway Configuration
- NAT Security Services
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