Smart Classroom Solution

TaraSpan provides you with the innovative and student-friendly Smart Classroom Solutions that will transform your educational experience. Our team puts each piece of the effort to design the system that will make students to experience improved learning. With advanced acoustics and seating layout, we offer you a customized smart classroom solution integrated with full automation.

We create optimal and holistic designs to create a full-fledged creative learning environment. And, a perfect learning ambience helps creative thinking and career development. Our every A/V component in smart classroom solution is versatile enough that makes the training interactive and fun for both students & professors.

Professional Audio Solution

The quality audio equipped classrooms will circulate the sound proportionally that will be easier for students to listen and understand quickly.

Digital Signage Solution

Digital signage embedded with HD graphics and images will make the learning experience more creative.

Interactive Display Solution

The interactive displays in the classrooms will enable students to connect with content more intuitively and closely.

Simplified Content Sharing Solution

This application shares/ displays the dynamic and relevant content that will help students to grasp only valuable learnings.
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