IP Peripherals & Accessories

TaraSpan helps you get the most out of your Mitel IP phones with IP peripherals and accessories that will solve all your communication pain-points. These accessories include attendant consoles, handsets, headsets and other modules that work seamlessly well with Mitel telephone systems for optimum efficiency and productivity.

Our Consoles and Peripherals make Mitel IP phones the perfect choice for specialized tasks. We give you the best conference experience by ensuring you have a crystal clarity in voice when you are having an audio or a video conference with your clients.

Handless and Cordless Accessories

Our Mitel products are designed to meet every hands-free communications eventuality. These include both handsets as well as headsets which allow the user to have a personal area mobility with a potential range of up to 300 feet from their desktop phone.

Mitel Phone Peripherals

Similarly our Peripherals are extremely useful if you have to interconnect to traditional analog lines or set up conference units.

Mitel IP Consoles

Our consoles offer advanced PC-based attendant solutions with features like call prompting to solve connectivity related problems.

Mitel WLAN Adapter

The WLAN Adapter enables wireless 802.11 a/b/g/n dual band (2.4Ghz / 5Ghz) network connectivity for your 6900, 6800, 5300 series IP phones plus the MiVoice Conference & Video Phones. Wirelessly enable your IP Phone by simply connecting the WLAN Adapter to the Phone’s network port via the supplied Ethernet cable and then configure the adapter to connect to your home office or enterprise wireless network.

M695 Expansion Module

With the Mitel M695 Expansion Module, the IP telephones of the 6900 family (models 6920, 6930 and 6940) can easily be expanded by 28 buttons. As a result, IP telephones help increase the productivity of users who need to keep an eye on a large number of lines or busy lamp fields.

S720 Bluetooth Speakerphone

The MiVoice S720 Bluetooth Speakerphone is the perfect solution for office side table and small meeting room conference calls. The speakerphone’s functionality is tightly integrated with the MiVoice 6930 & 6940 IP Phone’s built-in Bluetooth 4.1 interface to expand its capabilities beyond that of any other third- party Bluetooth device, making it the ideal Bluetooth speakerphone for the 6900 IP phone series.

Bluetooth Cordless Handset

The cordless voice optimized handset allows users to enjoy clearly discernable conversations in a variety of environments without being physically tied to their desk phone.

Integrated DECT Headset

The MiVoice Integrated DECT Headset gives users the ability to untether themselves from their desk and take advantage of the added productivity that wireless communication delivers. Adding the benefit of completely hands-free communication, the Mitel Integrated DECT Headset enables users to work on their computers, handle documents, or take notes during calls.

Mitel Bluetooth Accessories

Mitel also has unique accessories to make your collaboration experience with softphones and IP phones easier and more flexible. For ensuring smooth mobility and communication, the Bluetooth accessories are perfectly compatible with a number of IP phones from Mitel. These models are MiVoice 5330, 5340 and 5360 IP Phone. The Bluetooth headset locates the user within a range of up-to 10 meters which is quite powerful to say the least. Now no more missed calls when you step away from your desk for a few minutes, all thanks to our accessories!

Mitel Gigabit Ethernet Stand

Most companies today have high bandwidth requirements and so do the users who are always on the go and racing against time. This Ethernet stand delivers the latest technology and advancements in Gigabit Ethernet connectivity for Mitel IP Phones and makes sure there’s no need to change out the phones for more expensive models just to get better bandwidth.

Mitel Line Interface Module

The purpose of this module is to make sure that a separate connection to a traditional analog line is always present, in case any network failure happens. In the event of a wide area network failure, the phone automatically uses the PSTN to provide telephony until proper service is restored. IP phones like Mitel MiVoice 5324, 5330, 5340 and 5360 IP models can be integrated using this module.

Mitel Programmable Key Modules

Available in two forms- a 12 and a 48-button based, the Mitel Programmable Key Module makes the user experienced enhanced and productive. Having additional buttons for ease of usage and LED indicators to help you navigate better, these modules can be programmed through system admin using the telephone. The models which can be integrated with this module are MiVoice 5324, 5330, 5340, 5360, 8528 and 8568.
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