Audio, Web and Video Conferencing

The fast paced world requires laser fast sharing and instant collaboration with people who are a part of your business in any form- be it your clients, suppliers or partners or your own employees. Improving the quality of this interaction and collaboration is TaraSpan’s main objective through its unified collaboration suite. We leverage these services from Mitel and our audio, web and video conferencing solutions form a major component of Mitel MiCollab.

There are a number of objectives one can achieve by using our conferencing solutions:

Foster stronger bonds : Connect people quickly and simply, regardless of their location. This helps in striking stronger relationships with people.

Enhance Productivity and Innovation : Connect more people to more resources and streamline business processes, letting you make better and innovative decisions

Improve Customer Responsiveness : Quickly establish a conference call with anyone anywhere, resulting in a fast resolution to the queries raised by customers

Reduces Costs by a significant margin : It helps the bottom line by cutting traditional travel expenses, such as transportation and accommodation. It also eliminates employee downtime while in transit.

Mitel BluStar 8000i

A tool designed for powerful conferencing over phone, this solution oriented device ensures that the collaboration experience is enhanced by enabling high quality streaming of video conferences. It uses the latest technology in communications to ensure the users get an unmatched experience.
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