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Today, customers demand more technology-enabled, personalized experience and services from financial institutions. To meet up to their expectations, these institutions like banks, credit unions are transforming their ways of delivering services. They are evolving towards a more professional, approach, leveraging technological advancements and communication solutions for finance so that the customer experience is more engaging, secure and convenient. Advanced Collaboration tools enable quality, face to face interaction between the customers and the agent, making communications clearer and understanding better. 

1. How Video Conferencing enables efficient internal communications? 

Today, the need of physically visiting the branch locations is replaced by real-time video conferencing solutions. This new era of technology help the end customers through video banking so that they may get to know about the queries related to banking services, inquiries or any information about fixed deposits in an easier way.

The organization also works together: across the back and front office, across all customer channels, and across geographies and time zones. An easy and speedy connectivity helps in broadcasting any important information and real-time to the staff, globally.

2. Insurance industry

Insurance is that domain which is a bit complex and is constantly changing.Things become a lot simpler and faster when collaboration solutions enter the limelight. As an insurer, you need to make sure that you are able to adapt to these complexities and deliver exceptional customer experience.  Taking the instance of insurance claims, video collaboration helps in fixing small problems remotely, without the fear of getting indulged in unnecessarily long procedures. With multiple options like SMS, chat, voice and video collaboration, IVR, you can enhance customer engagement and provide superior service.

3. What about Private Banking ?

To discuss tax, retirement, estate planning and plethora of other such things, the customers always tend to incline themselves towards such global wealth management firms which can provide them specialist banking advice and expert services. Face to face video banking with the branch manager and relationship manager can be delivered in a cost effective way.

Moreover, to make things simpler for the customers, they can connect themselves to the banks through smartphones, tablets, PC video calls.  

4. How Brokerage Industry handles the set of challenges? 

If we talk about the brokerage industry, its ever changing economic events pose a set of challenges for the customers. The regulatory changes and governmental mandates make other complications as well. Amidst all this, it is important to make sure that the customers experience is not affected negatively. You must give your customers the freedom to interact with you freely and to know about their transactions and every other information with assurance.

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