Teleworker Solution

Teleworkers, remote workers, and employees on the go can now enjoy simple, highly secure, and reliable connectivity at home or on the road with teleworker solutions. This is the best choice for companies looking for better business productivity and efficiency of their employees who are not physically present at the office site. Also this is environment friendly because you contribute lower carbon footprints too.


TaraSpan understands that traditional work activities in today’s times are no longer tied to specific times and locations. Each type of worker has different set of needs based on their job responsibility. The “one size fits all” solution is now quite redundant to say the least as the uniqueness of work and workforce has been proved to be quite a challenge for a number of organizations across the world. It’s important to have a solution through which employees across remote sites can collaborate effectively and access distributed company data and expertise – from home, across the city, or around the globe.

Through the Mitel Teleworker Solution on the Mitel MiVoice Border Gateway, employees can work in remote locations with full access to voice mail, conferencing, and other features of the office phone system. This helps them in being connected 24X7 with the office developments. The powerful and secure plug-and-play solution turns any Mitel IP Phone in to a Teleworker set which can then be used for communication.

For Mobile Workers

All collaboration and communication capabilities present in the office can be there for you at one touch, anytime and anywhere with our solutions. Mobile workers can enjoy the access in remote areas as they do in their corporate office.

For Remote Workers

Office workers who are working at remote locations can be at their productive best if the same communication tools used in corporate office can be leveraged for collaborating on an idea. Our solutions help them stay connected.

Private Mobile GSM

Perfect for in-building or campus wide coverage, this service is best for users who have use GSM mobile handsets. They can access the private GSM network offered by us for better services.

Mobile Extension

This feature helps in integration of your mobile phones with our PBX systems to provide all the services optimized for your mobile needs.

Mitel Mobile Client

This allows mobile users to use extensions and short numbers in place of the traditional communication system they were using on their desk phones. This is a productive and time-saving solution.
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