Why Virtual Meeting Room (VMR) is the future of video conferencing

Video conferencing landscape is going through a paradigm shift. Room-to-room collaboration is getting replaced by room-to-remote or room-to-any-device collaboration. Interoperability has made the conferencing a lot easier, not everyone is required to be using the same system. A lot of this can be attributed to the new kid on the block – Virtual Meeting Room (VMR). VMR has made enterprise-grade, HD quality visual collaboration any-time on any device possible. What actually is VMR? What values it delivers? How is it different from hardware-driven video conferencing solutions?

We have covered this in our webinar “Why Virtual Meeting Room (VMR) is the future of video conferencing”.

In this webinar, we have touched upon:

– What is VMR?

– Why you need a VMR?

– The technology behind it

– The technology advantages over hardware-based solutions

– Creating VMR


Girish Sharma
Girish is the product specialist for Unified Collaboration Suite at TaraSpan. He’s an expert at designing enterprise level unified communication solutions which include IP PBX solutions, video conferencing solutions (cloud, in-premise), and contact center solutions.

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