WebCalling and Co-Browsing Solutions

Talkative Webcalling and cobrowsing solutions enable real time human communication with customers increasing online conversions. Now, it is far too easy to meet your customers on your website through websites/apps. Embed voice, video, chat and co-browsing into your website to see, understand and solve customer problems in real time.

Talkative helps you to build a personal human connection with your customers. Apart from web chat and web calling, there is also a provision for video chat with the customers. Co-Browsing is yet another secure and personalized way of interaction where you can trace the online journey of your customers and help them with any possible queries they may encounter. You can help them in navigation and also route them to the right agents whom they need to talk to. You can take proper control of your customer’s online journey with all their private information concealed. Not only will it impress them in a fruitful manner but also helps you in raising brand awareness, improve customers satisfaction, boost conversion rates and increase revenue.

Key Features

Voice Web-calling

Your website visitors can call you from within your website with no plugins, sign-ins and downloads with just a single click. The calls may reach you on your existing phones. It increases web conversions and enables you to track the online journey of your customers.

Video Web-Calling

With video web calling, you can use with chat or voice calling. It is a 2 way, plugin-free video calling within the website that enables, face to face interactions and ability to switch to 1 and 2 video.


Co-Browsing is just like collaboratively browsing a website or an app together in real time. It allows you to trace the customer's online journey, taking control of their mouse, keyboard and even desktop to show them something whenever they are stuck somewhere or encounter a problem.

Web Chat

Web Chat allows seamless website communications. Moreover, you can escalate to voice and video to provide a truly seamless communication. It enables you to engage personally with your online customers.
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