VoIP Solutions (Softphones)

TaraSpan, in collaboration with CounterPath(company behind X-lite softphone) offers Bria Stretto™ Solutions, an easy to deploy, cloud-managed Unified Communication (UC) solution for large scale enterprises and channel partners serving small, medium and large businesses.

Apart from UC, CounterPath Bria leverages your existing PBX/UC services and allows you to place calls directly from within the context of CRM’s platform. Bria automatically collects and enters key communications facts – or even the actual call itself – back into CRM. Now, sales people can simplify the placing of calls and automatically log their calling activity within CRM. And for managers and administrators, they can easily capture and analyse communications as part of an overall performance assessment. Manage all sales and communications activities from within Bria.

Extend Infrastructure Investments

Leverage your existing PBX or Unified Communications services and extend infrastructure investments

Customer Interaction metrics

Gain valuable and actionable insight using key customer interaction metrics

Business Productivity

Increase productivity and generate higher sales with streamlined communications

Customer Relationships

Promote collaboration and strengthen relationships with customers or colleagues

Enhancing Customer Profiles

Enhance customer profiles with a deeper view of your customer interactions

CRM Applications Softphone SDKs

Dedicated version for SFDC, for other CRM applications softphone SDKs are available.

Improve Customer Response times

Improve lead and customer response times which leads to greater sales and customer satisfaction

Reducing Internal Reporting

Reduce the need for internal reporting of activities with the auto collection of customer interactions

Increase in User Productivity

Increase user productivity with integrated calling, screen sharing and instant messaging
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