Video conferencing Solutions - Polycom/LifeSize/Bluejeans/Panasonic

Point-to-Point Video Conferencing Designed for two parties in a one-on-one situation, both parties can talk from different locations.

Multi-Point Video Conferencing Enables more than two connections at a time. Upto 8 people can join meeting at the same time.

Multipoint Control Unit (MCU) For more than 8 parties, MCU is required. It consists of a video-networking bridge.

Room based Video Conferencing Designed for business meetings. It allows you to join face-to-face group meetings easily, quickly and effectively.

Desktop/Mobility Solutions(Cloud based Solutions) Desktop/Mobility solutions provide full video conferencing capabilities(for desktop, tablets & smartphones – Windows, Mac, Android & iOS) in a package that fits in a typical office workstation or for mobile workforce.

Cloud Based Solutions

  • Up to 100 attendees per meeting
  • Internal and External, no additional hardware
  • Any Device: room system, tablet, mobile, PC, MAC
  • Stream out live to Facebook & Workplace
  • Easily Scalable
  • Join meetings from Cisco, Polycom, Lifesize and other H.323 and SIP based room systems.

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