Leading Softphone Client for Seamless Connectivity

SIP Softphone client is a virtual phone that enables you to manage mission critical business communications using any platform. It replaces your deskphone so that you can make voice and video calls over IP. Moreover, it enables you to share screen during virtual meetings and see if the contacts are available. Built on SIP and open standards, it has┬áinteroperability with many of the industry’s standard platforms and devices.┬áIts features are designed particularly for business and enterprise users.

Undeniably, softphone system has crafted a new pathway towards digital evolution for an enriching experience. With an infrastructure that one already has in place, it enables enhanced team communications and with real time presence information and instant messaging, it avoids unnecessary delays. Moreover, with HD video and desktop sharing capabilities, it enables reliable communications. Enhanced productivity is certain with mobile collaboration that gives access to instant messaging, with voice and video messaging and conferencing from anywhere. It also comes integrated with Microsoft Office for multiparty conferences. You can communicate from within web applications to simplify workflows.

iPhone Edition

Functions using a Wi-fi or cell data connection to make and receive calls. Using iPhone's contact list, it enables easy communications with intuitive interface. Multiple calling, call swapping, merging security settings and audio features including G, 711, G, 722, SILK, Opus

Android Edition

Secure, standard based mobile VoIP softphone, works with 3G and Wi-fi networks. Effective communications with intuitive user interface, call swapping, merging, security settings for secure call signaling.

iPad Edition

For iOS tablets for communications everywhere, uses Wi-fi or cellular data network to make and receive VoIP calls. Intuitive interface includes call display, call history, voicemail indicator and multiple call support. Enables multitasking functionality and allows to reference other apps.

Android Tablet Edition

SIP or open standards VoIP softphone, works over Wi-fi or cellular data network, comes with deskphone class calling functionality, call swapping and merging, enhanced audio features G, 711, G, 722, SILK, Opus.

Screen Share Add-Ins

For desktop softphone to enable users screen sharing with single mouse click, helps in visually engaging coworkers and customers on computer, tablet or smartphone with no additional plug-ins. Screen sharing, enhanced audience engagement in virtual meetings and easy mobile access.

For Salesforce

Communications with rich sales automation and CRM capabilities of Salesforce, allows to place calls directly in the context of salesforce platform. It collects and enters key communications facts back into Salesforce. Easy to capture and analyse communications for managers and administrations.
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