Professional Services and Inside Sales

Ensuring smooth, strategic and efficient management of your IT infrastructure, we make sure your operational costs are reduced and the risks are minimized. We increase reliability and flexibility, by removing day-to-day problems related to the management of your IT services. At same time, we can ensure the support team doubles up as an inside sales team. Having a strong commitment to improve the functioning of your services, our IT managed servicesĀ make sure we align your IT operations for an enhanced business performance.

Range of IT Services

We have a large range of managed IT services which like infrastructure and application management, consulting, data backup and cloud management. Also services like on-boarding, product training and cloud, voice and data audits are managed by our expert teams.

Our services promote agility

Great business applications translate to great business transformations. In order to truly support businesses, our applications are designed to promote agility to enable your organization to quickly respond to the changing scenario and get the best of the IT applications.

Reduced Cost and reduced risks

Reducing your operational costs and reducing the risks for security, our efficient management services make sure your organization get the best of our experts-driven services.

Interoperability trials & PoC

We conduct trials to see if your technology systems and software applications have the ability to communicate, exchange data and use the information for better business performance.

Managed audits and execution

We provide detailed audit reports and make recommendations for improved network availability. We execute well structured plans to make sure that all your network related requirements are well met and their performance is up to your expectations.

Asset allocation management

With our Infrastructure Management service, you avoid the issues of day-to-day IT operations management, while still retaining control of your IT assets. With TaraSpan, your business gains best-in-class security practices, technology and protocols.

Inside Sales

The support team is better poised to convince customers to upgrade. With an experience of defining a support-sales process, we can assembleĀ a support team to double up as an inside sales team.

I appreciate the professionalism with which TaraSpan conducts business. Their excellent infrastructure and willingness to go that extra mile has impressed me.

Stuart Robinson, Director Global Support Services, Teradici
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