Mobile Testing Services

Mobile apps usage has seen a tremendous growth in the last few years. Companies and individuals both are shifting towards mobile in every aspect. This mobile shift comes with its own set of challenges. To deliver an engaging, customer-facing high quality apps which offer a remarkable user experience, is quite a daunting task for the companies. We provide hassle-free end-to-end mobile testing services so that you can focus on your development needs and market entry strategy. We realize that the good reputation of our clients rests on our solid shoulders and hence our expertise drive your business growth and ensure high customer satisfaction levels.

  • Functional testing

  • Test Technology Support

  • Test Management

We follow Agile Scrum Model for testing. We gather the test requirements from the client as per priority and start testing process right away by generating test cases, once reviewed by product owner. As soon as our test bed is set up we start our testing activities proactively.

Functional testing

Process based

Our process based approach enable testing engineers and SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) to synchronize and work together to test behavior of business processes.

Test asset optimization

We modify our regression suite at the end of each test cycle to achieve max. optimization at every level.


Complete migration testing, backward compatibility testing & data migration testing.


Checking product’s compatibility with different OS platforms(like Android, iOS & windows) and wide range of mobile devices. Checking the mobile web view in different mobile browsers like google chrome, Opera, safari etc.

We have state of the art technology, specifically designed keeping in view today’s demand. We have original devices & virtualized environment to cater our testing needs and expertise in latest virtualization platforms like VMware Esxi, Hyper-V, Oracle virtual box and Docker. We also have delve ourselves in cloud based solutions for e.g Browser Stack to scale our resources for testing. Among languages we have expertise in multiple scripting languages like Python, Ruby  and JavaScript.

Test Technology Support

Test Data

We gather and analyze test data which includes preparation of test data sets according to test needs.We also provide test data to client on their demand.

Test Environment

From mobile devices ,emulators to latest servers, Wi-Fi routers, L3 switches and firewalls, we have everything in place to get started.

Test Automation

We have designed our own automation framework and also we look into market leading tools like Selenium and Appium etc. to suit our automation needs.

With our Test Management approach, we provide you tried and tested methodologies & procedures, in order to support your testing activities.

Test Planning

Test planning is an important milestone that needs to be very carefully planned which helps us to keep testing aligned with project needs. From defining a test strategy , scope to identifying risks and mitigation strategies, our consultants create a suitable strategy aligning with your business needs.

Test Case Preparation

Executing large number of test cases does not assure quality. With our in-house expertise, we deliver high degree of test coverage with optimized number of test cases.

Test Metrics Preparation

We provide test metrics to get clear visibility into the maturity and readiness for release/production, and visibility into the quality of the software product under development.

Defect Tracking

Our customers have a real-time online view of the bug discovery, status, aging and process statistics.

Test Reporting

We offer our customers a real-time window to the critical aspects & progress of the project's status. Our reporting includes - Functionality Coverage vs. Duration
Defects status (severity wise , priority wise), Test Case Progression and other vital stats

Test Escape Analysis

Perform comprehensive root cause analysis of defects uncovered during testing. Such root cause analysis further prevent those defects from recurring in subsequent iterations of software development.
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