Mobile Testing Lab

TaraSpan brings you the advantage of state of the art mobile testing lab to ensure coverage of all possible testing scenarios. We have access to around 2000+ latest Android, iPhone & windows devices (real and cloud based) in a highly secured environment to provide high performance along with data security. Our lab makes the leverage of latest available mobile testing tools to provide enterprise grade reliable solutions to our clients, enabling them to create quality applications, faster time-to-market and cost optimization at the same time.

Our Mobile Testing Lab offers the following benefits:
• On-demand testing across multiple devices and carriers
• Automate mobile app testing in the cloud
• Support for iPhone, Android & Windows Mobile devices
• Multitude of real handsets and networks available for validation of mobile apps
• Remove the need to procure different devices and platforms
• No lead time to set up the lab (Already available test infrastructure in place)
• Shorten overall testing cycle by up to 40%

A Look Inside Our Mobile Testing Lab

Device Fragmentation

This is one of the most challenging aspect of the testing matrix. Mobile OS can have countless permutations of versions, specially in Android. High expertise is required in executing the entire process. This testing is well managed by our skilled mobile testing team who makes sure that the right combination is used for making the app stand out.

Operating System Fragmentation

Different kinds of Operating Systems comes with their own set of challenges when it comes to testing the mobile app and hence pose a constant challenge for engineering and development teams. Using the best and most suitable testing tool for each operating system, our teams strive towards improving the user experience across different platforms

Carriers and Other In-The-Wild Testing

If the performance of your mobile app has been inconsistent due to certain unexplained reasons, it can be because of a bad connection or carrier. Hence to make sure that your app works greatly even in the outdoors, it’s important to test your app ‘in-the-wild’.

Geo-fence Testing

Geo-fence is a unique feature available in mobile apps and can do wonders if implemented properly. If you are targeting your customers according to their location, make sure that your app is responding accordingly.

Network Bandwidth Simulation

Availability of different networks around the world offers different bandwidths(3G, 3G+, 4G, LTE, Wi-Fi etc). App should be able to work and deliver the same experience seamlessly within all environments.

Performance testing

Performance of the app. is the key to customer retention. If your application performs poorly, or fails under load, multiple competitors are ready to take your place.

Memory Testing

Memory leak is a most common cause for application crash. It is difficult to detect, and can crop up when you least expect them. It can cause a huge drop on your app’s performance.
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