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The evolution of mobile testing originates from the general application testing and has rapidly emerged as a platform having a highly specialized quality assurance requirement, considering the mobility standards, rapidly growing devices and device platforms. The constant change and rapid growth of the mobile solutions industry has led to emergence of new level of challenges including device and platform diversity, short release cycles, lack of mature testing tools, and the variety of network connectivity requirements. We comprehend this immediate need of standardization and infrastructure to provide efficient mobile QA testing solutions.

Our quality-focused team work towards ensuring productivity and efficiency of your business. Our mobile QA testing teams work flawlessly amidst increasing consumer demands while maintaining the expense factor. Some of our outstanding factors for mobile QA are:
– Reduction in infrastructure costs
– On-demand testing compatible to various mobile platforms
– Precise reporting for greater transparency – weekly, monthly reports & statistics
– Frequent and open communication – over Magor, Slack, Teleworker, Phone, Skype, Email
– Innovatively record issues – using video recording or WebEx
– Bringing validated mobile apps faster to the market

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