The Challenge

The client had a difficulty in managing the response time of the customers. Earlier, the customers from APAC and EMEA had to wait for more than 24 hours to get the response. They wanted to grow their support team in order to provide complete customer satisfaction so that they do not have to wait for longer hours to get the response. They were looking for global expansion majorly in Europe, Asia Pacific and Australia region and ensure and wanted to make sure that they are offering their customers quick response with well adept expertise and exceptional services.

Our Approach

The client, previously had not thought of having a remote team, who would work for them during their off hours. After prudently examining the situation, we took proactive approaches to the foreseen issues of the offshore team. We even defined different processes like first responders guide to the critical situations researching new integrations and escalation processes.

The Results

We deployed the solution and handle the support tickets for client’s applications during 9-6 IST. Where, previously, the average response time was more than 16 hours, now it is less than 7 hours for the customers from APAC and EMEA.


The client is a well esteemed Canadian Software Company, that was founded in 2001. The client builds dashboard softwares of all types, be it for marketing, sales, startup or reporting dashboard, to keep a check on the growth of their business. Presently, about 8000+ companies are availing the benefits of products and services provided by the client. They help the teams make smart data-driven business decisions.

Geographical Locations



The client faced obstacles in reaching up to the customer’s satisfaction. This was because support was managed at their headquarters and the customers from APAC and EMEA had to wait for more than 24 hours to get the response. The company was putting an extra mile in order to make a global customer footprint, majorly in Asia Pacific and regions of Australia. They buckled down to make sure that the end customers receive an exceptional experience.

We thrive to provide them services with quick response time with proficient expertise. We accepted the challenge to expand their support team within India exponentially along with day to day operations, that goes perfectly compatible with their business strategies.




After prudently examining the challenge that the client was facing, we attended the knowledge transfer sessions and grasped what all they wanted us to learn. We interacted with support, development and devOps teams. We understand their processes and maintain a good coordination with their support team. We helped the client to establish the processes like first responders guide to the critical situations, researching new integrations and escalation processes and took proactive approaches to the foreseen issues of the offshore team.

With our geographical location, there is no denying the fact that we help customers from APAC and EMEA, to provide global coverage. Experiencing the all increasing support demands, the client decided to expand its team. At present, team India is the first contact point for the customers in APAC region.




The average customers response time has been drastically reduced. Previously, the customers had to wait for more than 24 hours, and now they receive within a couple of hours. We feel proud with the fact that it has been drastically reduced to less than 7 hours. We have majorly helped the client in dealing with the increasing number of tickets.

1. Talking about the present statistics, the average number of tickets handled per month globally is over 1500 tickets which is said to be a big contribution on the part of team India.

2. We began to handle live chat during working hours.

3. Live chat support is available from 9-6 IST.

4. We handle the service request from Australia, New Zealand, Isreal, UK, Thailand and Europe.

5. We support new customers with on-boarding calls based on the requests from the sales team, provided that the customers lie in our timezone.

6. After a thorough research, we create technical contents for new integrations.

7. We ensure that the new release items are tested and whatever bugs come to the forefront, we investigate and report back to the development team.

8. We analyze the trends of customer queries and regularly report their concerns and feedback forms to the product management teams.


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