The Challenge

The client recognized the fact that the customer facing service staff in India and Philippines required an investment in a more efficient solution to train their contact center staff on culture and communication skills as part of their Voice and Accent NHT and Floor Support training.

Our Solution

The implementation needed to be scalable to support over thousands of users and flexible enough to accelerate already existing lesson material. In such a case TaraSpan proposed the Ascentify Language Learning platform to cater to client’s needs.

The Results

The solution helped the client implement training programs that improved employees’ communication skills to meet business process requirements.


The client, is a recognized leader in providing innovative services and technology to accelerate high-value interactions at every stage of the customer’s lifecycle. The client has more than 45,000 employees servicing over 300 clients in more than 40 languages through over 50 delivery centers in six continents.

Critical Challenges Faced



Increased demand for customer facing service staff in India and Philippines that required the client to invest in a more efficient solution to accelerate the on-boarding and training of over 24,000 contact center staff.


1. Competitive labour market posed a significant challenge to find, train and retain talent.
2. The solution needed to deliver integrated training, language learning and on-going assessment
in a single platform that resulted in demonstrated and measurable improvements in employee
customer service, language skills, comprehension and judgement.
3. The implementation needed to be scalable enough to support thousands of users.
4. It had to be flexible enough to easily integrate already existing lesson materials and quickly
deploy them over a cloud based architecture.
5. Increasing CSAT scores, improving customer service levels, and reducing attrition were key
business drivers on the path to service excellence.




After extensive market evaluation, the client chose our language learning platform based on Ascentify. The solution provided an integrated environment.

Critical Challenges Faced

The Deliverables

1. Comprehension and Judgement:
The client can easily model real life training scenarios. All multi-media learning elements are supported to create contextual and dynamic learning environment and real call recordings are incorporated to enhance the learning experience.
2. Improved Customer Service Metrics :
Employees build English fluency within the context of what’s required for work resulting in improvements in first call resolution, CSAT and a reduction in AHT.

3. Personal Dashboards and Actionable Analytics:

User feedback is scalable and personalized. Personal Dashboards are available that provide progress and performance feedback. Scenario feedback is provided for all scenario training units enabling the user to practice a scenario as many times as required in order to perfect a call flow.

4. Enterprise Reporting:

Enterprise reporting is available so that the training results are consolidated and measured across the whole training organization.




With the efforts and methodology, TaraSpan trained more than 20,000 agents in a span of 4 years.
Based on an internal survey of vendors performance by the client, TaraSpan scored 90.8%, which displayed TaraSpan impact on the clients

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