Plantronics Business Headsets

Business headsets to transform your business and making it more connected. Help  your employees stay focused, happy and productive and enable them to handle multiple calls at the same time with all these advanced business headsets.

1. Office Headsets : Designed to keep the user away from distractions so that the user feels comfortable in his/her zone.

Products include : Voyager 5200 UC, Focus UC, Legend UC, Edge UC, Legend CS, Blackwire 700, 500 and 300 Series, Blackwire 435, Calisto 600 Series, Clarity 340, Calisto 240.

1. Embedded with four adaptive microphones
2. Windsmart technology,
3. high fidelity stereo sound devices with dynamic mute alert feature
4. Portable charging case provides up to 14 hours of additional talk time.

2. Mobile Headsets : Your morning commute to the office would be far more productive. You can easily carry out private conversations in public.

Products include : Voyager 5200 UC, Focus UC, Legend UC, Edge UC, Legend CS, Calisto 600 Series, Blackwire 710/720, Blackwire 435, Blackwire 215/225.

1. Smart Sensors Technology
2. Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) feature
3. Six layers of WindSmart Technology
4. Portable Charging case to provide 14 hours of additional talk time.

3. Contact Center Headsets :  Now communicate with your customers and bring your brand name under the spotlight.

Products include : Encorepro Digital Series, USB Series, 700 Series, Encorepro 540, 530, 510/520, SupraPlus,, Entera, DA Series USB Audio Processor, Vista M22, A10 Direct Connect Cable, Y Adapter Trainer.

1. Super-lightweight, robust design design
2.SoundGuard Digital Protect Users
3. Adjustable fit for all day comfort
4. Wideband audio for clear conversations

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