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Nutanix is a premier cloud computing services provider, headquartered in San Jose, California, United States. It is a leading organization that pioneers in HCI Hyperconverged Infrastructure software, following by other cloud services, such as- Desktop-as-a-Service, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service, & cloud monitoring along with software-defined storage, driven by robust security considerations.

All its solutions are operated on the virtualized and integrated infrastructure of computing, storage, and networking that are available as a full-stack- to reap the functionality of each of them. The basic motto is to modernize and optimize the end-users’ data centers, provide the desktop applications and data, and run those applications at any scale- cloud, and on-premise both. It will ultimately reduce the complexity of IT management and infrastructure overhead cost- that will in return, helps steer their businesses with scalability, simplicity, security, and productivity at the same time.

Founded in 2009, Nutanix is an industry-leader in Hyperconverged Infrastructure across the globe and assists the customers with IoT, ROBO, private cloud/HCI, disaster recovery, and public cloud, etc. – that will enable customers to experience unified IT operations and frictionless application mobility across different cloud environments.

TaraSpan – Nutanix Partner in India

TaraSpan has a robust partnership with Nutanix and together, we are on the way to help customers remodel the data centers to run the desktop applications with full flexibility. Our data center solutions are aimed to manage the IT infrastructure on-premise and on the cloud to improve connectivity & agility- and steer the customers to access applications wherever they are. Also, these solutions combine public, private, and distributed clouds that empower IT to deliver applications and data that ultimately fuel the businesses of our end customers.   

In order to keep all applications and data secured, integrated, and organized, the Nutanix solutions are designed on the industry’s finest hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) technology. So, these technology-enabled solutions provide a complete, 100% software-defined stack that integrates compute, virtualization, storage, networking, and security to power any application, at any scale. Also, Nutanix software & other cloud solutions consolidate IT operations and bring frictionless application mobility over different cloud environments. In short, what Nutanix services are:

– Compute

– Storage

– Virtualization

– Networking

– Application Orchestration

– Multi-Cloud Environment

How TaraSpan can help you grow?


Modernize Data Center

enterprise applications

Run Applications at any Scale

any cloud

Manage all your Clouds

In-Built Resilience

Invisible Infrastructure

it operations

Simplified IT Operations

Products & Solutions

Nutanix proffers four integral products that are intended to modernize your data center and simplify your overall IT infrastructure operations. This will help you exceed ever-changing customers’ expectations.


End-User Computing- Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Our VDI solution helps virtualize your server so that your workforce is able to access the desktop applications and resources from anywhere and anytime. Irrespective of the device they are using, they will have easy access to desktop applications from any device. These solutions are not dependent on the traditional office setup and facilitate end-users the freedom to work as they are working on their workstations. It actually cuts time to deploy virtual desktops by 61% and simplifies the VDI infrastructure. Moreover, Nutanix hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) integrates compute, virtualization, storage, networking, and security – to enhance overall network functionality and security.


End-User Computing- Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS)

We help power your digital workspace with our cloud Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution. It allows end-users to store data on the cloud securely and access desktop applications and resources on any device from anywhere, anytime. Our DaaS solution is a key driver of agility, productivity, scalability, and cost savings, as it enables the BYOD approach, simplified applications management, ROBO, business continuity or disaster recovery, and accelerated data security. Moreover, it is a perfect complement of VDI and helps you address application delivery, IT staff, and budget constraints. Also, it eliminates shadow IT with consistent, pre-configured development/ test environments that are easy to consume and IT-approved.


Hyperconverged Infrastructure

With the fast-forwarding pace of modern business, the enterprise applications are emphasizing the legacy design of the separate system, storage, and networking. We have overcome these constraints by our Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) solution that simplifies the data center. This HCI platform unites the computing, virtualization, and storage into a resilient, software-defined solution. It reduces the complexity and streamlines deployment, managing, and scaling of the resources of the data center. Based on today’s technology, our HCI helps enterprises transform as well as optimize their overall IT infrastructures. Moreover, it manages the most demanding workloads at any scale and easy application deployment, while building an agile data center.

hybrid & multicloud

Hybrid & Multicloud Management

The public clouds have come with a number of challenges, as managing complex networking, using various infrastructure tools for different clouds, and re-architecting applications, etc. We, together, conquer these issues with a single software platform that can span private and public clouds, making hybrid and multicloud deployments easy to deploy, use, and adapt. Our hybrid cloud solutions unify management across clouds while enabling seamless mobility of applications and data between disparate environments. Moreover, these solutions standardize operations across private and public environments with a common set of services to deliver, manage, and govern your applications, regardless of the underlying cloud infrastructure.

Our Nutanix Services- Bringing our Strengths Together


We will identify your unique needs based on your IT environment and then offer you the most appropriate plan. Our assessment team performs the analysis that includes the core evaluation of your IT infrastructure to develop a well-thought blueprint that aligns with your company goals and takes your solution off the ground.


We will design the optimal solution on the basis of our assessment phase and that will meet your business criteria. Our experienced designers craft the design based on the problem-solving approach to accelerate the quality of life of the customer and his/her interaction with the IT environment.


We will deploy the top-notch solutions that are adhered to the best industry practices. Our experienced tech engineers have enterprise-grade expertise in the deployment process. They deploy the solution that consists of multiple interrelated activities with possible transitions between them.


After deployment, we will further optimize the solution, tailor-made to the requirements of your enterprise. Our team re-evaluates the solution and then optimizes it for peak performance and results. The process encompasses the amendments for making it more desirable, cost-effective, and profitable.

Maintenance and Support Services

We will provide 360-degree corrective maintenance and support services for your solution, even after the deployment process. Our maintenance executives are 24X7 available for your assistance related to the developed solution. If there are some flaws or you need performance-related support, our team will correct the issues and improve the design for better performance.

Nutanix Pricing

The pricing model of Nutanix clusters revolves around different pricing & licensing choices, like- on-demand Pay-as-you-Go (PAYG) to Bring Your Own License (BYOL) with the portability of existing licenses. It actually deploys the core Nutanix HCI Software, AOS, on AWS bare metal instances and supports AOS Pro and AOS Ultimate software editions. However, the AOS Starter edition is not available to run on public clouds.

Moreover, Nutanix Xi Frame, a Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution, pricing model varies from Pay-as-you-Go, annual commitment, and enterprise version with different features and number of users associated with each tier.

Nutanix Supported Public Cloud and On-Premises Hardware Platforms

– Public Cloud Platforms

1. Amazon Web Services

2. Microsoft Azure

3. Google Cloud Platform

– On-Premises Hardware Platforms 

1. Cisco

2. Hitachi

3. HPE (Hewlett Packard Enterprise)

4. Inspur

5. Intel

6. Klas

Connect with our Nutanix Team

If you want to know more about modernizing your data center and expanding your IT infrastructure resources, you can connect with our team. We will help you make the most of your IT infrastructure and storage units to meet the enterprise needs of the present and the future.


What is Nutanix Partner?

Nutanix partner is an enterprise that is an authorized partner of Nutanix and has great expertise in Nutanix products and solutions. These agencies work together with Nutanix to deliver a simplified way in the areas of IT infrastructure and data storage solutions. The partner program of Nutanix is also referred to as a competency-based program called The Nutanix Elevate Partner Program.

Why should you go with the Nutanix partner?

Nutanix partner is a trusted market leader who focuses on meeting today’s and tomorrow’s IT infrastructure needs of your customers. It has extensive experience in managing Nutanix products and solutions that help modernize your data center, manage all types of clouds, and run any application at any scale. And, this will certainly help your customers to harness the real power of their data center and cloud to optimize all operations.

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