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CounterPath is one of the market leaders of state-of-the-art mobile and desktop VoIP software products and solutions. It transforms the way how today’s mobile workforce communicates. Being in sync with present scalability, it provides Bria® softphones for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices, together with Stretto Platform™ server solutions. It enables enterprises to leverage the seamless and unified communications experience over all the networks to match the pace of technology.  

Bria® and Stretto™ platform aim to empower the potential of all-scales businesses with their versatile and portable solutions that connect your business with the rest of the world effortlessly. It simply adds unified communications without replacing your IP-PBX- through Bria Softphone. Bria Softphone is a software application that facilitates all calling features along with unified collaboration features by simply configuring with your existing IP-PBX.

Bria solutions are especially powered up to offer tailored products that optimize the communication and collaboration experience. It serves different markets, as- service providers/ operators, enterprises, OEMs, and value-added resellers- to deliver uniqueness and innovation to them.

TaraSpan and CounterPath

TaraSpan has a great partnership with CounterPath to deliver a seamless user experience. We respect its values and contribute to its uniqueness in the world of telecommunications. It’s award-winning Bria solutions for mobile and desktop turn the way of remote working and connect all employees securely- no matter where they are. And, we are a distributor in India selling its product- Bria Enterprise- to make everything streamlined when connecting among different geographical locations.

Simply, it needs your existing IP-PBX and CounterPath Bria softphone solution is configured with it to access calling and other unified features. Video conferencing, IM, presence, screen sharing, etc. are some UC features that make it easy to use them securely. You can then make a call from softphone to any number in the world- as you usually make from your IP-PBX or mobile.

We, together, endeavor not to break your communication in any circumstance and give you encrypted & robust collaboration for your mobile workers, partners, clients, and customers.

Bria Enterprise Offerings

Bria Enterprise

i) Per Device License

With this licensing, a common group of desktops vs. mobile licenses is shared by all users. Once a Per Device license limit is at the threshold, the administrators, or users (in some cases) must delete their older devices to free up licenses. This license allows transferring the license within the same domain by removing a user or device:

i) Yearly Subscription Desktop Client

ii)Yearly Subscription Mobile Client


ii) Contact Center License

With this license, you will get mobile and web-based call and contact center softphones. The contact center deployments are available for the agents. Its subscription packages are:

i) Yearly Subscription Standard Contact Center Bundle User

ii) Yearly Subscription Business Contact Center Bundle User


iii) Enterprise License

The Enterprise License offers the next-gen softphone solution in form of three bundles:

i) Yearly Subscription Basic Bundle User

ii) Yearly Subscription Standard Bundle User

iii) Yearly Subscription Business Bundle User

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