Make Online Meetings viable with MiCollab audio, video and web conferencing

With MiCollab audio, video and web conferencing, it is really simplistic to share information and collaborate faster with co-workers, partners and the clients dispersed globally, irrespective of the device and its location. With web conferencing, the co-workers can apparently work together, communicate and collaborate effectively and efficiently and as a consequence, accelerate the productivity of their company. Moreover, connecting people faster would help in forging stronger relationships and enhance a regular call or team meeting by sharing documents and presentations through web conferencing. In case the customers encounter any query, it can be easily resolved through holding a web conferencing session quickly which not only enhances the customer’s responsiveness but also builds their trust in your brand.

Here are some of the features to be kept into consideration of MiCollab Web Conferencing

* Scheduled and ad-hoc conferences

* Desktop and Application Sharing

* Multi-point video conferencing

* Private and public chat

* Remote Control

* Document Management

* Conference Recording

* File transfer

* Web-based collaboration viewer

* Polling

* Custom access codes

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