Market Research Services

Market Research Services

TaraSpan is a fast-growing market research company with a specialization in offering comprehensive market insights that help businesses identify new opportunities and areas of growth so that they can make those critical business decisions while creating future strategies.

Our tailor-made research solutions deliver actionable insights from primary data with intelligent research and analysis.

Our Services

Consumer Understanding ​Research​

Markets are changing at a very fast pace. Understanding them is becoming a challenging and time-consuming task more than ever. Our consumer understanding research service lets you discover the dynamics affecting the present volatile market by having a macro understanding of trends and behaviors so that you can find the most relevant way to position your product or services.

– Lifestyle and trends

– Pulse

– U&A

– Segmentation

– Understanding the occasion

Product Research

Our Product research helps you to understand customer needs and wants so that you can develop winning products and services around them by evaluating new ideas —both at launch and throughout the product life cycle. By collecting honest feedback from customers, we deliver you insights to uncover unmet product needs, right price point, identify product feature development opportunities and customers’ preferences around your product.

– Idea Testing

– Product Concept Test

– Pack Test

– Product Performance Tests

– Pricing Research

– Sensorial Test

Brand Research

We have a robust process for brand analysis which uncovers the current brand’s position in the target market and consumer perception across competitor brands. It helps businesses to improve their brand messaging, visibility, and offer other relevant insights so that they can create new marketing strategies to distinguish their brand.

– Brand Health​

– Name Testing

– Brand Image

– Brand Uplift

Communications Research

Dig deeper into the consumer reactions and preferences on your advertisement and communication campaigns with our research services. Our detailed insights will help you to find new possibilities to optimize your existing campaigns so that you can transfer your message more effectively and see the potential RoI of your advertisements.

– Claim Testing​

– Concept Test

– Celebrity Testing​

– Digital Communication Tests

– Pre/Post Test

– POP Material Tests​

Shopper Understanding Research

Get a complete overview of shopper’s behavior, their engagement level, and their preferences on the sales channel when they go shopping and create better, bolder value creation opportunities for your clients.

– Enter Survey

– In-store Experience

– Exit Survey

– Digital Shop-along

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