Juniper Routers

Running on Junos operating system,¬†Juniper¬†Networks’ scalable and secure network¬†routers¬†meet the needs of enterprise and service provider networks. Some of their features include:

-Carrier-Grade Architecture(Highly redundant platform powered by Junos OS)


-Service Integration(Integrates carrier-grade NAT (CGNAT), stateful firewall, and deep packet inspection (DPI))

-IP and optical convergence

-WAN SDN Traffic Optimization

-Industry-Leading Density(up to 3 Tbps per slot)

-Enormous Scalability

-Virtual Chassis technology

-Low latency multicast

The portfolio of routers includes:
1. MX Series 3D  Universal Edge Routers : SDN ready routing platforms which provide industry-leading system capacity, density and performance.

Available models: MX5,  MX10,  MX40,  MX80,  MX104,  MX150,  MX204, MX240,  MX480,  MX960,  MX2008,  MX2010,  MX2020,  MX10003

2. PTX Series Packet Transport Routers : They provide performance, optical transport integration and elegant deployment. They support high density 100GbE environments.

Available models: PTX1000,  PTX3000,  PTX5000,  PTX10002,  PTX10008,  PTX10016

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