Juniper EX Series Ethernet Switches

Juniper EX are powerful and reliable Ethernet Switches are highly powerful, reliable and simplified that helps you run your business with confidence. These are classified as
Access Switches : Fixed configuration 1GbE and multigigabit access switches, that are available with PoE and MACsec encryption.
Aggregation Switches : Fixed configuration 10GbE for high density, enterprise campus deployments.
Core Switches : Flexible, high density enterprise campus core switching for mission critical deployments.
Features of EX Series Ethernet Switches
– Single point of Management
– Cost effective design
– 8 Quality of service (QoS) Queues per port
– Security Risk Management
– Wire Speed Performance
– High Availability
EX2200 – Low power, Low acoustic 1U devices
– For branch offices and campus networks.
EX2200-C – Fanless, entry-level solution, in branch offices and work-group environments.
EX2300 – Compact, high-density, cost-effective and for small network environments.
EX2300 Multigigabit – Multigigabit, compact, high density,
– For small to mid-sized network environments.
EX2300-C – Compact, power-efficient switch,
– For low density branch offices and enterprise workgroups
-Fanless design
EX3300 – For converged enterprise access
EX3400 – Cost effective, flexible and easy to manage
EX4200 – Flexible, stackable, switching solution,
-For data centers and campuses
EX4300 – For branch campuses and data center access
EX4300 Multigigabit – Multigigabit, PoE++ and 100GbE uplink
– For branch and campus access aggregation deployments
EX RPS – Redundant power system provides backup power to Juniper Networks EX2200 and EX3300 Ethernet Switches.
EX4550 – Compact, high performance,
– for data center, campus and service provider deployments.
EX4600 – Scalable 10GbE Solution
– For high density campus aggregation and small campus deployments.
EX9200 – SDN (Software define networking) ready
EX9250 – Compact form factor evolved enterprise core switch
– For business agility and growth.


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