We all are inhabitants of the era where globalization is at its peak and with the arrival of cutting edge technologies, the world has been transformed into a global village. Undeniably, video conferencing has enriched the level of connectivity. According to PGi Statistics, businesses using video conferencing see a 30% reduction in travelling costs. Let us analyze how video conferencing has brought about a remarkable boom in the IT sector.  

1. Video Conferencing Reduces Travel to Offsite Meetings :

Generalizing the ample number of benefits in IT domain, video conferencing has got to offer multi-vendor interoperability, multi-party meetings, mobile and browser capabilities and rich content sharing. In many organizations, video conferencing has been put to practice to even train the employees and to carry out sales team meetings nationwide. Further advancements can help the travelling employees to join video meetings from their mobile phones as well. For attending all the internal and the external meetings, real time video conferencing is considered the most viable.
In brief, we can say that video conferencing reduces the time, costs and efforts of travelling to offsite meetings.


2. Collaborative Culture for Sales Team Eradicates a series of Challenges :

and brings Teams Together Under One Roof keeping IT firms at the forefront of technological innovation.  
Talking about the Sales team exclusively, this innovative technology helps in saving millions in communications costs. With high quality audio and video conferencing, they  find it easy to attend weekly sales meetings and forecast calls, stay connected with their international team mates and collaborate around the world, making the workplaces technologically advanced as well as interactive. More virtual business meetings can be held immediately, if needed under one roof within minutes with real time video conferencing. The aim is to place all teams placed in different geographical locations, under the accountability of one leader. 
 In brief, we can say that video conferencing lays a foundation of a truly unified, world class UCC organization that helps in restructuring diverse groups into one set.  

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3. Faster Innovation and Speedy Execution :

In the present high-tech scenario, organizations need to adopt cutting-edge communication technologies that enhances collaboration. Time to market is considered as the one of the most vital factor for an enriching customer’s experience. With video conferencing, even in many network challenged environments, it is easier to get face to face connected with the engineering experts. The process of Product Development is accelerated as the engineers can share product designs, protocols and every detailed information about the project across the teams dispersed globally.
Talking about the manufacturing companies, they can ensure that the quality standards are met across all the sites globally with real time video conferencing. As a consequence, process management costs are reduced. 

4. Easy Connectivity with Vendors, Partners and Clients :

The secret behind the success of any organization is their ability to assure complete customers satisfaction. Without putting a bucket of efforts and in an economical way, the employees are able to reach out to their team members, vendors, partners as well as clients.  
Real time video conferencing makes sure that the employees fulfill the requirements of the clients if there are last minute changes in the products. There can be no doubt that the clients have access to every minute information about the project and the team members handling it, which enhances their loyalty and trust. A strengthened connectivity anytime, anywhere and across all devices, meeting rooms and locations is guaranteed.  

5. Connectivity to Employees at Remote Sites and Telecommuters :

They prefer desktop and mobile technologies to stay connected to the other employees at the main offices. They do not have access to the video conferencing rooms. But, with the arrival of real time video conferencing, virtual meetings are made easy, inter operable and affordable as audio meetings.

This also helps customers to get easily connected through existing video conferencing devices. There can be no denying the fact that an increase in the number of collaboration minutes has come up with a decrease in spending, with real time video conferencing.

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