Benbria Loop Pulse

The aim of the hoteliers in the hospitality industry is to achieve complete customer’s satisfaction and contentment. Benbria Loop Pulse helps in determining the guest sentiments, whether they are gratified with the services provided to them. This mobile engagement solution helps the front line staff to communicate with the guests, look into their queries and retain those ‘at risk’.

To attain the successful heights in any business, it is important to figure out the loopholes, hampering it. Loop Pulse is a mobile engagement solution which does exactly the same. It analyzes what your customers think about your services and how much satisfied they are. They can do it easily using their mobile devices or in-store kiosk and rate their experience during their stay. These ratings are then displayed on a score board for the motivation of front line members.
Loop Pulse collects data of all times and freezes that into a report to carefully examine at what times and in what way, the services can be enhanced. Moreover, real time feedback of the employees performance encourage them to improve their ways and meet up the guest’s expectations.

Key Features

Loop Kiosk

It helps in collecting data and making a report for a deeper analysis. You may get a real-time insight into your operational performance.

Central Inbox

It manages the guest communications andThe team members have access to them from both the kiosk and their mobile devices.

Loop Scoreboard

Scoreboard, constantly gives the employees an awareness about their operational performance. It encourages self improvement.

Loop Mobile

The guests can use this web app to give reviews and provide comments on the services offered to them. they remain a constant judge to the performance.


With the Loop Scoreboard, things become all the more challenging. Organizing some friendly competitions help in keeping a spirit of improvement alive.


Constant analysis on mobile reporting dashboards make a room for improvement in service quality and enhancing efficiency.
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