Benbria Loop onDemand

TaraSpan and Benbria aim at making the hospitality sector more integrated, automated and enhancing the guest engagement. Loop onDemand makes easy automation of frequent guest requests. Undoubtedly, with reduced response time, there will be more efficiency and profitability at work.

A customer while staying in a hotel demands that she/he must receive exceptional staff services and that too rapidly. Benbria Loop onDemand is an automated, menu driven solution which permits the employees to ask for the commonly used items with just a single touch. They can demand for these things through their mobile devices and that is then escalated to the appropriate team member. Certainly, there will be reduced staff response time, increased client satisfaction and enhanced profitability.

Key Features

HOTSOS Integration

Sloppy staff service is the general cause of disappointment for the guests. Loop onDemand integration with HOTSOS enables faster and efficient services delivery without operator's interference.

Simple, Menu Driven UI

To demand basic amenities, they can choose from a menu given to them. They will face reliable products and services delivery from the hotel staff.

Real Time Status Updates

To satisfy the guests, it is important to be at par with their expectations. Status updates help you keep a check requests, whether they are within or outside the premises.

Automated Requests

Loop onDemand helps in automating and assigning the guest requests to the appropriate team members.
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