Benbria Loop Messenger

Complete Customer Satisfaction is utterly important if you want to bring your brand name into the limelight. This is possible when every query of theirs has an instant solution. Loop Messenger helps you maintain a one to one conversation with your customers through their mobile devices. In this way, the guests can give their reviews, raise complaints, clear their queries. These are then automated to the appropriate department and immediately taken care of. TaraSpan and Benbria help you retain your at-risk guests and boost up the productivity of hospitality industry.

Benbria Loop Messenger helps you keep an eye on the ‘at-risk’ guests. You can retain them by concentrating over their queries and addressing their requests . What else do they need apart from instant customer service in this tech savvy world.
No doubt, this personalized, one to one instant messaging solution puts a powerful and positive impact on the guests mindsets, making deep, personal connections with them.

Key Features

Collaboration within Team

With the help of internal chat tools for team members, they can easily and rapidly interact with each other and attend the guests needs and queries. Cross team collaboration features helps in decreasing the response time and aims at exceptional productivity.

Analytics of Guest Sentiments

The natural language processing is able to analyze and carefully examine the tone of the guest conversation. It is easy to determine their level of satisfaction during their stay. Eventually, you may make efforts in making improvements in your services.

Scheduled Messaging and Reminders

Every guest wants that her/his stay in the hotel must be comfortable. Loop's scheduling engine and messaging enables the staff to automatically send reminders and invitations to the guests, regarding any event.

Enterprise Compatibility

Loop's outstanding secure, cloud hosting services make it compatible for enterprises of all domains and sizes.
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