Routers/Switches/Access Points

Rapid change of customers’ businesses towards cloud-centric environment demands network with high performance, SDN support features, a simplified & secure virtual networking environment, all at the same time to improve business agility. Our products are here to improve the economics of networking with cloud-grade high density networking products for branch, campus, data center and for service providers. They address demands of high availability, virtualization, and Unified Communications.

  • Routers

  • Switches

  • Access Points

The routing products provide 3D scale, bandwidth, services, and subscribers that enterprises & service providers need to command a competitive advantage in today’s Ethernet environment. They provide a consistent operating environment that streamlines network operations and improves the availability, performance, and security of all types of services supported at the router.


Carrier-Grade Architecture (Highly Redundant Platform)

Offers redundancy and reliability for packet-based communications.


Provides enterprise-grade system capacity, density, and performance with undefined durability.

Service Integration

Integrates carrier-grade NAT (CGNAT), stateful firewall, and deep packet inspection (DPI)

WAN SDN Traffic Optimization

Eases load by utilizing programmable networking devices that can modify remotely; and enhances agility, cost, and performance.

Industry-Leading Density

Industry-Leading Density up to 3 Tbps per slot.

Enormous Scalability

Offers great scalability that helps in improvement of ROI by modernizing your operations environments

Access Switches :  1GbE and multigigabit access switches that deliver enterprise network access and are available with PoE and encryption.

Aggregation Switches : 10GbE aggregation switches for high-density enterprise campus deployments.

Core Switches : Flexible, high density enterprise campus core switching for mission-critical deployments.

Single Point of Management

Offers a single point of control for both physical & virtual networking components.

Security Risk Management

With embedded security features, adds one more layer of defense, securing the devices on network from internal threats.

Wire-Speed Performance

High 1GbE, 10GbE, 40GbE, and 100GbE port densities

High Performance with Low Latency

Throughput of up to 6 Tbps per slot

Network Automation

Python, Chef, Puppet, and Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP)

Support for Virtual Chassis, Virtual Chassis Fabric

Supports data centers that comprise a combination of 1-Gbps, 10-Gbps, and 40-Gbps Ethernet interfaces.

Our enterprise Access Points offer easy, secure, and reliable network to nullify the usage of separate wireless controllers. These end points enable you to organize, throttle, and obstruct the applications at every edge, streamlining your Wi-Fi ambiance. You can easily scale your WLAN by simply adding Access Points for greater speed.  Even, you have the flexibility to increase the speed as well as availability of Wi-Fi over your centralized cloud also.

In case, if the WAN link won’t be active, then also the remote sites with Access Points are in effect and provide the connectivity to wireless clients.


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