Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Modern demands of enterprise applications are pressurizing the traditional architecture of separate storage systems, servers, and networking. TaraSpan comes with the Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) solution that simplifies data center operations by converging the computing resources, storage arrays, servers, and management layer into one product which streamlines all the operations, including deployment, management, and scaling of data center resources.

The world’s most advanced enterprises adopt this HCI technology that drives the power of the business and simplifies the IT infrastructure. At the core, it combines compute, virtualization, and storage into a resilient software-defined solution with rich machine intelligence.

Hyperconverged Infrastructure Use Cases

Enterprise Applications

Virtualize enterprise applications with manageability, predictive performance, and scalability.

Virtualization & Cloud

Make the best usage of cloud in the enterprise data center on an agile infrastructure.

Big Data

Hyperconverged Infrastructure is the ideal interface for Big Data & Analytics. Simply, start small, and then scale.

Containers & Micro-Services

Deploy containers and micro-services predictably to speed up the application development.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Make your virtual desktop infrastructure or VDI deployments scalable, predictable, and cost-effective.

Remote & Branch Office

Enterprise services and capabilities at all edges with centralized management to take care of all branches' operations.
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