Hybrid & Multicloud Management

TaraSpan helps its clients to harness the full power of the cloud. Our Hybrid and Multi-cloud interface provides capabilities that manage, control, and secure the applications over the private, public, and hosted cloud environments. Since the cloud model helps implement new products and services fast, it allows organizations to leverage it to scale and provision resources based on the application requirements. In a few words, we make hybrid and multicloud deployments easy to set up, deploy, use, and adapt securely.

With TaraSpan, you will always leverage the true power of the multiple clouds that harnesses your organizational cloud structure and makes it simpler, smarter, and faster to use. Our solution is specifically tailored to use it in a simple manner, scale across larger sites or different locations, and provide the high-performance resources for all applications automatically- all governed and managed via a centralized dashboard. We always deliver the solutions that are completely focused on the data center optimization via IT transformation.

USPs of Hybrid & Multicloud Management

One Skill Set, Any Cloud

Knock out the need to develop different practices for each cloud environment. Manage your IT resources and applications by using the same set of operational practices across clouds.

Orchestration & Self Service

Include provisioning automation and application lifecycle management, and allow users to deploy applications on the cloud via one-click self-service.

Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

Deliver applications and desktops globally from Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and other partners. Also, combine with on-premise deployments to make VDI a true hybrid cloud solution.

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Ditch the process of provisioning, configuring, and managing different cloud environments or multiple solutions for disaster recovery protection. Instead, integrate it with the cloud DR service.

Seamless App Mobility

No need to retool or rework- use the same interface on both private and public clouds, and expand the potential to extend, burst, or migrate your applications into the cloud of your choice.

Cost Optimization

Go into deeper analysis and get visibility into your cloud usage across both private and public clouds to understand your entire cloud infrastructure costs. Also, you can eliminate the idle and under-utilized resources.
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