End User Computing

TaraSpan facilitates seamless end-user computing solutions – that bring people, processes, and technology together to support the present end-user ecosystem. The EUC infrastructure incorporates both- Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solutions. These solutions are hinged on the SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) model and support bring-your-own-device (BYOD) and choose-your-own-device (CYOD) initiatives. Moreover, they enable enterprises to deploy end-user applications up to 8x faster and increase end-to-end security as well.

Access your data and applications from anywhere while keeping the data encrypted and secured. To make it the most, adopt this cloud solution, as it is fast to deploy and make IT admins burden-free. Plus, it is also addressing some of the VDI constraints, including adding hardware as the number of virtual desktops users grows, and upfront capital expense, etc. Our DaaS solution is the perfect complement to VDI and delivers agility & productivity.

Features of DaaS

Enables BYOD

The users bring their own device and can operate and have access from any browser, at any place.

Simplifies App Management

Simplifies App Management
by keeping everything on the cloud and reduces operational complexity.

Enhances Data Security

Mitigates the risks by using role-based access control and decoupling the locally stored data.


Supports remote workers or branch offices with basic essential onsite infrastructure and get new branches up and operating fast.

Business Continuity

Capable of provisioning secondary workspaces in the time of any disaster or crisis, making sure that the employees can work and stay productive.


Eradicates the shadow IT with consistent and pre-configured dev/test environments, which are IT-approved and easy to consume

Leverage Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solution to virtualize your server and desktop so that all the information is available on a virtual server and can be accessed on any given device, independent of a traditional office setup. An enterprise-grade hyper-converged platform(HCI) provides predictable application performance, linear scaling and simplified management.

Features of VDI

Centralized Management

The centralized format of VDI enables IT to easily configure, update, or patch all the virtual desktops in a system.

Secured Remote Access

The end-users can connect securely (data lives on the server rather than some device) to their virtual desktops from any location or device, and can access all files and applications.

Easy Provisioning

Deploying a new workstation is no longer a tedious task. Even, hundreds of workstations can be deployed in a few hours rather than days or weeks.

Enabling File Sharing

With the help of some discs configured, the end-users can easily store and share the files without any need to copy or transfer among desktops.

No-Risk of Data Loss

The users are free from the fear of their data loss due to some hardware failure or laptop or PC theft.

Productivity Anywhere

No matter wherever the users are, they can work on their devices and gain a consistent experience along with productivity.

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