MiContact Center Business

This edition is especially designed for the MiVoice Business platform and is suitable for single-site contact centres which have up-to 50 agents. It is an out-of-the-box solution for ensuring great results for your business. TaraSpan brings to you a business-defining solution from Mitel that’s going to solve all the problems pertaining to your contact centre challenges. This is a value-packed solution that combines the best of features of the Enterprise edition and has a number of extensive features that makes it a great pick for organizations across the world.

This business edition offers a modular suite of richly layered, feature-loaded array of applications that reside on the enterprise server. These applications include:

Management and Reporting Applications
They give you useful operational insights into the performance trends of your client, the call-accounting and real-time status. It also offers key management tools that help you track your client’s performance in an even more efficient manner.

Media Distribution and Routing Applications
For building a reliable contact centre, it is important to create a modern, technologically advanced ecosystem with IVR facility where features like visual tools, drag and drop features can be seamlessly integrated with voice and multimedia workflows and media touch points like social media and email.

Supervisor and Agent Productivity Applications
Flexibility is the key to productive agent performance and the tools given by this edition enables you to increase the productivity by offering CRM integration for remote agents and other phone based solutions.

Mitel Portfolio Integrations
The integrations that can be extended across our vast portfolio of call centre solutions include:

– Workforce Management
– Quality Monitoring and Call Recording

Third-Party Contact Center Applications
Easy access to world class solutions to its customers.

– Workforce Management
– Quality Monitoring and Call Recording
– Outbound Dialing and Campaign Management
– Presence and Chat Engines
– Social Media Monitoring

Mitel MiCollab

No matter where you are and which device you are using for communication, MiCollab helps you combine mobility and messaging needs into a unique and powerful solution that allows you to collaborate with people productively and proactively.

MiCollab Audio, Web and Video Conferencing

For easy and impactful dissemination of information, our conferencing solutions helps enhance the quality of the collaboration by several notches above and encourages sharing among employees, suppliers and customers. Easy to use and having audio, video and web integration, this solution is a must have for all organizations.

Unified Messaging

The sophisticated messaging solution that integrates all your messaging related services like voicemails, emails, and fax, to ensure that your business communication is well on track. It also has automated, easy to use features like call handling, auto-attendance and message management.

Mitel MiVoice

Mitel MiVoice unified communications platforms offers a complete range of flexible communications platforms - from modular on-premise solutions to a single, cloud-ready software stream that supports a range of deployment models.

MiVoice Enterprise Manager

Simplifying solution management by making sure that the administration is centralized and repetition in tasks are minimized, this manager allows access to multiple sites from one single interface in order to increase staff productivity.

MiContact Center Enterprise Edition

This is an Enterprise Edition, again designed for the MiVoice Business platform and is ideal for contact centres of all sizes.

MiContact Center Workgroup Edition

Similarly designed for the MiVoice Business platform, this edition helps the contact centres which function as independent informal units to deliver excellence-driven customer service.

MiContact Centre for Microsoft Lync

A modern day customer’s delight where the agents can effectively reach them via an integrated platform with Microsoft Lync.

MiContact Center Live

Be it anytime, anywhere, this cloud based solution will enable your contact centre team to deliver excellent service without the tension of location, device or time.

MiContact Center Outbound

Designed for the MiVoice Business platform, it is a well suited platform for making sure that customer base of all sizes are catered through advanced outbound dialling, scripting and campaigning services.

MiContact Solidus eCare

A rich suite of seamlessly integrated UCC applications that will help your enterprise have intelligent interaction with your customers.

Mitel Workforce Management

This solution helps you to enhance your customer experience by increasing engagement and interaction.

Virtual Resilient High Availability Contact Centres

MiContact Centre offers organizations, trusted and cost effective options to choose from in case they face a network or a hardware failure.

Mitel 400 Call Center

Highly effective in terms of both customer satisfaction and costing, Mitel 400 call centre solution ensures the quality of service delivered is consistently excellent.
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