TaraSpan and BlueJeans have come together to provide exceptional services and powerful solutions that will turn every room into a video room. BlueJeans Rooms has been specifically designed for small conferences and huddle rooms. It is an affordable solution that can easily hold interactive video meetings across your workplace. No doubt, it offers a user-friendly, in-room experience and interoperability. Moreover, the support services scale to multi-site deployments.

Briefing BlueJeans Rooms Solutions, it is highly affordable, scalable, Universal and agile. Talking about scalablility, primarily, any BlueJeans user can connect Rooms to BlueJeans Enterprise Video Cloud. Secondly, the user is given complete IT global control. It’s touch-to-join simplicity and smart sensors technology enable the users to stay connected irrespective of locations. The latter permit the people to change rooms at any time. Moreover, you can simply carry out focussed meetings with features like live Timeline and wrap-up reminders abilities.

Smart Sensor Technology

Now, there is no need to specifically reserve a room to carry out video meeting. Its smart sensor technology provides touch-to-join simplicity on your smartphone.

Enjoy HD Video Experience Across the Workplace

It offers video enabled meetings, rooms, events and social broadcasting for millions of users round the globe. Now interactive video communications empower your workforce and your workplace in affordable ways.

Central Management

From BlueJeans Command Center, it is easy to manage, configure and control every BlueJeans Rooms system.

Supported Components

These hardware components asily support and validate BlueJeans Rooms Software
PC : Intel NUC w/ Core i5-5300, 8 GB RAM, 120 GB, SSD, Windows 10 Pro
Touchscreen : Apple iPad Mini 2 (iOS 10)
Speakerphone : Revolabs FLX UC500
Camera: Logitech : c930e
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