BlueJeans Cloud Video Conferencing Solutions

BlueJeans Cloud Video Conferencing Solutions  have enabled video communications for everyone and from everywhere. They have enhanced the level of cpnnectivity and have enabled face to face interactions from any place and any device. BlueJeans Video Cloud offers adequate solutions according to the necessities of the users. They are : Meetings, Events & Rooms

1. Meetings – Up to 150 people can participate face to face in the meeting.

2. Events – Useful for  interactive large scale events, broadcasts and webinars with about 15,000 participants.

These solutions have made video communications easy, convenient and secure.

1. Interoperability at its Best – Now, it is simply effortless to join video meetings through your favourite messaging app or desktop, mobile device or any room system. No doubt, connectivity is at ease.

2. Touch-to-Join Simplicity – All the complexities of hosting, joining and scheduling video meetings are now eliminated with touch-to-join simplicity of BlueJeans Solutions.

3. Enterprise grade Security – Industry-leading protection for IT teams to enforce meeting security

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