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Nov 25

Taking a Holistic Approach to India

Posted on November 25th, by Mike Manson 0 Comments

Holistic Approach to India

It was only a few years ago that most western technology companies would think “software development” when asked “what does India represent to you?” While it certainly holds true today that India is a great source of software engineering talent, the bigger opportunity for western technology companies is to look at India in a comprehensive manner. India today represents many things to a western technology company. Beyond being a source of software engineering talent, India is a massive market opportunity for technology products of all kinds, a regional or even global hub of advanced customer support and professional services activities, and home to numerous home-grown corporate powerhouses who are implementing global strategies of their own. Companies should look holistically at everything India has to offer and develop strategies that encompass India as a market destination, India as talent source, India as a regional hub and Indian corporate giants as a partner for global expansion. Add to this a start-up culture that has gained mass beyond its nascent roots, India as a whole is much more than the sum of its parts. 

Larger technology companies around the world are recognizing this.  But I believe that the real opportunity lies with small and medium size technology companies to reach out and embrace India holistically.  Sell your product there.  Find great engineering talent. Support the Asia-Pacific region from India. Partner with the big Indian companies. Discover innovation with Indian start-ups.     

Mike Manson
Written by Mike Manson
Mike Manson is CEO and co-founder of TaraSpan, and a strong proponent of global expansion for technology companies.


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