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May 13

Why Support is the new Sales for SaaS companies

In the SaaS era, the application seller-customer relationship is different. The engagement cycle is seeing a paradigm shift. While the sales cycle length has gone down, the post sign-up support has become important than ever. Why? In the SaaS world order, the BIG PO isn't received in one-go, but many small POs are received monthly, quarterly. How you entertain your customer post sign-up, how well you support him, handhold him at each step builds your top-line. Customers now pay as they use the software. They pay when they like not just the software, but also the services. They pay when ...

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Apr 14

Before your product goes global, your customer support should go global

Global customer support

  If you're a cloud or a mobile app firm, it's absolutely true for you. Why? It’s simple. Intentionally or unintentionally product companies are acquiring global customers much earlier in their life-cycle. The reason could be anything from virality, ease of online customer acquisition, almost no implementation or on-boarding processes. The bottom line here is it's a good time for SaaS companies. But let me tell you, it's a difficult time too. Especially when you reach the office in the morning and see your mailbox flooded with support tickets from your global customers. Since you're not in their time zone, ...

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