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Aug 10

10 important things to consider while choosing an ideal Mobile Testing Partner

10 Important Things to Consider While Choosing an Ideal Mobile Testing Vendor

We are the inhabitants of the times when the endless technological advancements have surpassed everyone’s expectations. Let’s say for an instant, smartphones have brought about a great transformation, not only in the life of a common man but also for the enterprises. At the same time, because of the rising competition in the market, the enterprises remain worried about the performance of their mobile app, how proficient it would be when it reaches the end users and how it will affect its brand image. Thus, in order to evade that fear, this blog is an attempt to talk about ...

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Jun 14

A Complete Guide to Exploratory Testing

A Practical Guide to Exploratory Testing

In order to understand anything, we need to explore- this is always true whenever we visit new places to wander/explore around. The same holds true in case of any application also. In order to understand the application potential and limitation, testers need to navigate through the application thoroughly. In Software testing life cycle sometimes we use terms like adhoc testing, monkey testing and exploratory testing interchangeably. But adhoc and monkey testing are different than exploratory testing, just like wandering is different from exploring. We will be lost while wandering if we do not have precise direction or a road map. It does not ...

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May 26

Mobile Application testing checklist (Release checklist)

Mobile Application Testing check list

Mobility is now an integral part of enterprise as well as consumer market than ever before. While releasing any new app, it’s essential to make sure that it is consistently delivering an exceptional application experience to mobile users. In-fact a recent survey conducted in the Micro-Moment, Google/Ipsos, U.S., August 2015, shows the behavior of consumers only on the basis of experience delivered by app. Here are some stats: Source: https://www.thinkwithgoogle.com/articles/speed-is-key-optimize-your-mobile-experience.html Theses numbers clearly highlight the need to have an eye for quality that can make your app standout from the crowd. Apps must be thoroughly tested to ensure that they offer the best possible unique ...

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May 11

5 major challenges of mobile app testing

5 major challenges of mobile app testing

  The remarkable growth of mobile devices has set the trend & opened up new avenues for organizations to reach their target consumers via mobile instantly. Along with consumer apps, enterprise apps are also shifting to mobile. Now for every standalone app. or web based app you will find a mobile app version. But with this flexibility there is a unique challenge – due to the soaring expectation of users, a single issue can make them switch to other player in the market. Mobile apps need to be resilient, reliable, user-friendly, bug-free & at the same it should deliver unique ...

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