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Jun 23

What is HubSpot and What Does It Do in 2020?

what is hubspot

HubSpot Academy, HubSpot Certifications, HubSpot Blogs- Many of you are already familiar with these terms- if you belong to the Marketing/Sales/Support zone. Even HubSpot is the eminent name (or solution provider) that enterprises and businesses are leveraging to achieve their success goals in an emphatic way. However, what exactly is HubSpot? What does it do? How is it helping so many business people and enterprises? 1. What is HubSpot?2. Why use HubSpot?3. What is HubSpot used for?4. How HubSpot pervades itself in various areas?5. How does HubSpot work?6. Who uses HubSpot?7. What is next?   What is HubSpot? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DMmd2kzN1-Y ...

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Jun 17

What is Inbound Marketing? A Holistic Overview of Inbound Marketing Approach

what is inbound marketing

If you have just launched your start-up business or are looking to revamp your existing inbound marketing strategy, here are the value-driven tactics to try out and master. 1. What is inbound marketing?2. Why does your business need inbound marketing?3. What are the advantages of inbound marketing?4. What are the different inbound marketing strategies?5. How to start with the inbound marketing process?6. How do you execute the inbound marketing process?7. What is the role of marketing automation?8. Learn to measure your success9. Frequently Asked Questions   What is inbound marketing? In layman term, inbound marketing is a marketing approach ...

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