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Jul 25

Top Digital Transformation Trends for SMEs and Enterprises shaping 2021 and beyond

Accelerating Digital Transformation Through the Lens of COVID-19

“Necessity is the mother of invention” – It is a common adage that never has been proven truer than in the current trying times. While at one edge, the economy and businesses are facing challenges to survive in the current digital transformation period, on the other end, it’s true that with every downside, there is a positive approach. No doubt, the COVID-19 pandemic accelerates digital transformation and catalyzes innovation to drive the business successfully in 2020 and 2021. It has opened our eyes to more possibilities and horizons that are offered by the technology to support this devastating situation ...

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Jun 17

What is Inbound Marketing? A Holistic Overview of Inbound Marketing Approach

what is inbound marketing

If you have just launched your start-up business or are looking to revamp your existing inbound marketing strategy, here are the value-driven tactics to try out and master. 1. What is inbound marketing?2. Why does your business need inbound marketing?3. What are the advantages of inbound marketing?4. What are the different inbound marketing strategies?5. How to start with the inbound marketing process?6. How do you execute the inbound marketing process?7. What is the role of marketing automation?8. Learn to measure your success9. Frequently Asked Questions   What is inbound marketing? In layman term, inbound marketing is a marketing approach ...

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