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Oct 30

Intelligent Vs Passé Network Solutions

Posted on October 30th, by Ankur Sharma 0 Comments

With evolving technological advancements every day, cellular operators around the globe are faced with a challenge of constantly upgrading their network. In view of that, technologies like UMTS, HSPA, HSPA+, LTE, LTE-A become more significant with ever increasing hunger for data consumption by users. A Significant data consumption is done by mobile devices like Smartphones and Tablets, mostly by business users and younger generation below 35 years of age.
As per a recent study, overall mobile data traffic is expected to grow to 15.9 Exabyte per month by 2018, nearly an 11-fold increase over 2013.

mobile data traffic

Not much far seen, technologies which offer value with better performance will be the choice of the end user; against passé technologies like GSM/GPRS/EDGE. Operators will therefore have to upgrade their network keeping future demands in their purview and do it in an optimum way possible with existing infrastructure.

Antenna network solutions is considered to be the “Heart” of network solutions and therefore must be chosen wisely, keeping reliability & technological benefits in mind. Augmenting capacity with enhancing network quality & coverage is the need of the hour and future network deployments, globally.

We at TaraSpan Solutions believe in bringing world class technology solutions at our customer’s doorstep to cater to these network requirements. TaraSpan, in association with CCI (a reputed & established Antenna Manufacturer with headquarters based out of New Jersey , US) brings to you the state of art antenna technology innovations which have been deployed successfully all around the globe with “Zero Failure” till date. “Bi-Sector Array” antenna technology is an excellent and the most optimum antenna solution to cater to capacity & coverage augmentation without degrading network quality. Bi-Sector Array (BSA) technology is a patented technology by CCI (then TenXc) and is a unique innovation in antenna domain in recent times. BSA technology with Asymmetric beams is a unique & most advanced way of capacity & coverage improvement by over 200%.

Asymmetric beams of the Bi Sector Array antenna contains the RF energy inside the target hexagon and thus prevents interference due to the beams in any adjacent hexagons as in the case of conventional 33 degree symmetrical beam antennas (see below figures).

Typical Network with Local Hot SpotTraditional narrow and multi-beamBiSector Array Solution

Conventional dual beam antennas have been noted to provide about 1.6 times capacity increase at best while Bi Sector antennas have provided double capacity in extensive field trials done with Cellular Operators, globally.

Ankur Sharma
Written by Ankur Sharma
Ankur serves as a Product Specialist – RF at TaraSpan Solutions Pvt Ltd. He is responsible for handling all solutions catering to RF Solution Pillar within TaraSpan.


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