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Oct 12

NASSCOM Perspective 2025 highlights: Core Of the business will be Technology – Are We Ready?

I attended NASSCOM Perspective 2025 held at Delhi. While this article captures summary of the perspective, I will like to highlight some key takeaways with you. 1) Indian IT and Business Service Industry accounted for 8% of country's GDP in 2014 (from 3% in 2004) and 19% of total exports, and generated 11% of new urban jobs. The industry will continue to grow at around 10/11% and may touch $350 billion by 2025. $70 billion of it will be generated within Indian domestic sector, thanks to the government of India's 'Digital India' initiative, which has already committed $16 billion. 2) ...

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Jun 29

Slack from a CEO’s perspective

Slack for real-time messaging

Recently I promoted a great guy named Ganesh Samant to Vice President responsible for my India-based Global Services Delivery.   When I met with him I asked “What plans do you have the team?”  He said “The first thing we need to do is implement Slack.”   I had never heard of Slack before. Based on its name I thought it might be a project management tool that identifies slack, critical path, etc. So I asked him “What is Slack?” He smiled and said “You’ll see. It will change how we communicate.” That conversation was two months ago, and I can ...

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Jun 19

My Internet: My Choice

The apps world

I can very precisely recollect, back in 2006, when Airtel launched EDGE (2.5G) network, me & my room-mate (then bachelors) were fanatically trying to access web through our mobile connection. We were thrilled to see Orkut homepage on our laptop screens. Yippee we got that. And, we celebrated that occasion with a couple of beers. We have come a long way after that with the evolution of internet. Around a decade has passed since then and we are into something really really huge and super productive tool called www or World Wide Web or Internet. Along-with, internet has gone completely ...

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May 11

Small Cell: A baby dragon for 4G LTE and 3G

No, this one does not breathe fire or is poisonous, but is certainly going to be monstrous in coming time for cellular deployments, globally. ‘Small cells’ is an umbrella term for operator-controlled, low-powered radio access nodes, including those that operate in licensed spectrum and unlicensed carrier-grade Wi-Fi. Small cells typically have a range from 10 meters to several hundred meters. Well, with evolving technologies & limited infrastructure, small cell solutions are set to play a key role in defining & distinguishing a good quality network from a sub-standard network. Its application & deployment scenarios may differ from for a particular ...

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Apr 23

Everything you need to know about Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality is the new buzz word which recently came into focus in India. The whole concept is that "internet should remain open to everyone (from users to content providers)". A service provider should allow access to all content whether it is sent by an individual blogger or a multinational company regardless of the source without any extra fees. Still wavering! Let’s understand it with an example Before the advent of DTH in India, cable TV was omnipresent. Users used to enjoy all channels (paid or free-to-air) by paying a fixed amount. There was absolutely no difference between paid and free ...

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Apr 01

4G LTE in India : A big-bang surprise waiting to explode

How 3G compares with 4G

Who does not like surprises? Whether it’s in our personal or in professional life, we all love surprises. Well, Indian Cellular Industry is awaiting one too: 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution). In a layman’s language, India is inching closer to a better, smarter & an efficient technology platform for mobile communication. Each generation of mobile technology upgrade raises the bar on how much data it can consume, and that’s what is expected out of 4G LTE in India. Evolution of LTE/4G LTE has changed the rules of the game. Modernizing their network to LTE is now the top business priority for ...

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Mar 18

Technology says I will #SMAC you down

That's what I hear when I interact with it daily. My everyday interaction with technology has changed. Before I open a company's website, I search for its LinkedIn page. Before I open my laptop, I access all my applications on my smartphone. I don't use excel anymore for number crunching; the applications I use give me a customized dashboard. And I pay for my usage; I don't need to spend time managing these applications because everything is on cloud. The technology consumption, as I see it, is seeing a paradigm shift - the search journey, the buying cycle, the usage pattern everything ...

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Mar 13

Is the Modi effect changing the ease of doing business in India?

  Two weeks ago in Delhi I had the pleasure of attending NASSCOM’s 25th anniversary celebrations at the Taj Palace Hotel. The event was attended by who’s who of the India IT industry, representing the multibillion dollar industry it has become. The event coincided with the Union Budget, which is India’s federal government’s annual budget speech. To someone from outside India, the nation’s fascination with the Union Budget is remarkable. It is followed almost like a sport, with multipage analysis in each newspaper. I was amazed at the numbers of people who, within 24 hours of the budget speech, were ...

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Feb 19

5 Technologies that will matter to India

How big is the Indian market? Is it big enough to spur growth for my product? Do I need to explore it? Should it be a part of my international expansion plan? Numbers are big, but are they really big for us? That's the uncertainty global technology firms experience when they think about India. But this was something new for me. Being a witness to the growth here, I never doubted the potential of the market. However, when I came on board at TaraSpan, I realized this is a story worth telling, a story which has a big audience. I ...

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Feb 05

The Startup State of India

In 2008, just seven years ago, I remember attending the preconference session at the TiEcon Delhi conference.  The topic was “Business Planning 101”.   The room was packed with budding entrepreneurs who were eager to learn the basics of a business plan.   At the same time there were very few home-grown India software product companies.   Almost all new companies were software services companies, creating products for others.   Jump forward a few more years and at the same conference a number of new start-ups were pitching their ideas, looking for funding.   A very small percentage was of the quality I was used ...

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