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Parminder is the Vice President of Sales with TaraSpan Solutions and writes on various aspects of technology.
Oct 29

Unified Communication Solutions for Hotel Aggregators

Hotel room aggregating companies like Oyo Rooms, Zo Rooms etc who place their brands on properties they aggregate, depend upon these properties to assure guests of a standard quality at a minimum. This assurance helps the aggregator build brand value and effectively increase market share. An important aspect that contributes to guest experience, and enhancing brand equity is the communication system and property management system available at each property. Since it is normally the budget hotels that are aggregated, their financial capacity to invest in a “high end” communication system and PMS is limited. Most such hotels have analogue ...

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Oct 20

Leveraging Unified Communications in Manufacturing Industry

Today, more than ever before, manufacturing industry is at a stage where it needs to reinvent itself. With pressure on costs increasing with every minute, the industry has to look at how the processes can be made more efficient without investing in additional resources. A key element of manufacturing process is the collaborative effort that is required between different teams: design and procurement, manufacturing-planning-QA-inspection-logistics-sales. These collaborations are not one time events, rather any good manufacturing unit would have many of these going in parallel throughout the day. To this, you add the ingredient of distance – not all teams ...

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Apr 30

City smart. Village smarter.

Every time the adjective smart is added to a person, concept, idea, or a device, it has elicited general interest. However, more often than not, smart turned out to be rather dumb.  Take the “smart” phone for instance, I have given up trying to tell it that “I really am wanting to type “of” and would you please let me do it? “ It has a mind of its own and will always try and change the “of” to an “if”! Smart Cities are likely to face the same predicament. To begin with, what makes a city smart? The ...

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Nov 11

Unified Communications : why Opex makes more sense

I bought a suit costing twenty thousand rupees last year same time and I was trendy and “with it”. This year when I wore it, my son called me old fashioned! Investments in IT systems are quite like that. First it takes time for you to understand what it is all about, and then when you take the plunge, you are faced with obsolescence.  Better options seem to come up just as you are printing the purchase order. Lets talk Unified Communications. Unified Communications (UC) is a much touted term that no one can really completely define. Everybody has a ...

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