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Ganesh is Vice President of Global Support Services. With over 15 years of experience in IT industry, Ganesh brings with him the sector knowledge and expertise to head the TaraSpan Solutions Technology Division in Pune.
Feb 21

Die With MongoDB

mongo db

     "So which DBMS do you like Watson ? SQL or No SQL ?"      "I love MongoDB, Holmes."      "I guessed so !"      "How ?"      "You have suicidal tendencies."                - The Adventures of Blind Lover Every now and then we hear about how vulnerable MongoDB is, and how Moriarty's men are watching out and asking for ransom. Does that put you away from Mongo ? If yes, then you are missing something. I love Mongo. It is more like love at first sight. Installation to Hello World is a breeze. It ...

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Nov 03

Does your development team share owner’s dream ?

requirement analysis

You must have heard the story. Akbar's courtiers envied Birbal, the witty one. One day, some of them requested Akbar to test them against Birbal. Akbar agreed, and gave them an assignment. The user story was simple, a few days earlier, Akbar found a lone puppy in a jungle, which he handed over to a villager, and asked the villager to take care of the puppy. Akbar's assignment to the courtiers was to find out how the puppy is doing. The courtiers sat together, and did their requirement analysis. Knowing that the requirement is pretty straightforward, they immediately sent ...

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Oct 12

NASSCOM Perspective 2025 highlights: Core Of the business will be Technology – Are We Ready?

I attended NASSCOM Perspective 2025 held at Delhi. While this article captures summary of the perspective, I will like to highlight some key takeaways with you. 1) Indian IT and Business Service Industry accounted for 8% of country's GDP in 2014 (from 3% in 2004) and 19% of total exports, and generated 11% of new urban jobs. The industry will continue to grow at around 10/11% and may touch $350 billion by 2025. $70 billion of it will be generated within Indian domestic sector, thanks to the government of India's 'Digital India' initiative, which has already committed $16 billion. 2) ...

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Sep 30

Integrating Axis IP cameras: The VAPIX way

A few years ago, we at TaraSpan developed our first ever IP camera integrations of some major brands for a Video surveillance solution. You may think that this is a complex task, and indeed it is for many brands. You need a SDK and knowledge of some programming language, and you need to read the documentation, and in most cases one still needs to use vendor provided sample code even before writing the first line of code. Axis cameras proved to be an exception. You don't need to be an expert developer to integrate Axis cameras. Calling an API ...

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Sep 21

A guide to log management : Best Practices for application logging

Got a bug on the production? How often you hear this from the developers ? 1. It works in my environment. I will add more logs to the application. 2. I see a log that there is an error, however it does not print the 'reason'. 3. The logs are not enough. I need to put more logs and deploy a 'debug' patch just to know what is going wrong. 4. It appears that api X is failing intermittently, but I need to look at those 100 MB logs to see if there is a pattern. This will take some ...

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